6 Major Stressors From “Sh**ting Stars” Episodes 3-4 That Have Left Us All Exhausted

“Sh**ting Stars” returns this week with all the pieces we cherished concerning the premiere…and sadly, the problematic plot of these first few episodes, too. Oh Han Byul (Lee Sung Kyung) and Gong Tae Sung (Kim Young Dae) proceed to drive one another and themselves loopy in essentially the most charming approach. Stress is the secret this week, as a quiz forces every character to look at their greatest psychological well being foes. The significance of reconciling work and household life is subtly woven into every second, as is the truth that such a steadiness is just not all the time possible. Without additional ado, this is all the pieces that is received everybody confused this week, together with us exasperated viewers.

Warning: spoilers for episodes 3-4 under..

1. Spectators: “Can we please stop with ‘Africa’?”


As mentioned final week, the inclusion and point out of Africa as a rustic (it is a continent with 54 nations!) supposedly full of individuals ready for saviors like Tae Sang to swoop down on them and dig pits for them is… so tiresome. It’s so, so pointless. The dramas ought to cease with this. Worse but, as an alternative of studying from worldwide outrage, the drama dug in and brings Africa to the fore once more this week. It seems that going to Africa was a spontaneous assertion by Tae Sung on the flawed place on the flawed time. A room filled with reporters seized her and used her, so Tae Sung did not even fake to be a savior. It was an accident.

Now this clarification is all very effectively, however the truth is that the drama nonetheless reveals all of his volunteer work on the mainland as a part of what makes him a great particular person. And this comes on the expense of a whole continent that’s labeled as needing folks to offer them water. In addition, in all of the scenes of “Africa” ​​that horrible yellow filter is used to point poverty, in addition to the music within the model of “The Lion King”. It’s a disgrace for the forged, who had nothing to do with the script (particularly Kim Young Dae, because it’s his first main position), as a result of this has made lots of people flip away from the drama. It’s particularly unhappy as a result of the remainder of the sequence is nice. However, dramas can and may do higher. And who higher than us, the followers, to carry them accountable? Do higher, sequence!

2. Han Byul: “Why Gong Tae Sung? Why?”


As the head of PR, Han Byul certainly has a lot of stress factors as she has to clean up after the many talents at Starforce Entertainment. Hence her 70 points on the stress questionnaire. But, without a doubt, her biggest (and most important) headache is Gong Tae Sung. First, she shows up at the office and annoys her by hanging around. Then he disappears and she breathes a sigh of relief, but now he’s not answering her calls or taking the required company-wide stress questionnaire. Only when she turns it into a game with him, in which the person with the most stress wins, does Tae Sung suddenly become interested in listening to her.


However, Han Byul doesn’t seem to realize that half of that stress comes from how much she cares about Tae Sung. She has an actor and a manager under her company who are in the hospital for malnutrition and exaggerating the acting method for God’s sake (incredibly handsome Lee Ki Woo cameo). However, Han Byul doesn’t even visit them. Tae Sung may stress her out, but that’s because she’s always looking out for him. If only she realized that…!




In fact, it’s all that observation that throws her into a meltdown when she realizes that Tae Sung is really exhausted with a 100 on the quiz. And she gets so scared when she sees him trip that she goes overboard rescuing him and it ends up being a viral sensation. She poor Han Byul, she never gets a break. But she is not the only one.

3. Gi Bbeum: “Appendicitis? Who cares when there’s a scoop?”

Jo Gi Bbeum (Sojin) is stressed to the max. Her lazy boss wants her to write hit articles about an actor for no reason and berates her for not getting scoops all the time (as if they fell out of nowhere!). And what’s worse, she has appendicitis. So when it comes to choosing between having surgery or filming an actor lashing out at hospital staff with the classic line “Do you know who I am?”, she chooses the latter and writes a press release while her appendix is ​​about to burst. burst. Han Byul has to intervene, and the doctors drag her away, but Gi Bbeum’s last words before her potentially life-threatening surgery are still “Hit the publish button!” for Han Byul. Balance between life and work? Impossible. Not in her line of work.

4. Ho Young: “How can you show love for humanity in the form of closing the door of a van?”

As the youngest member of Starforce Entertainment’s management team, Park Ho Young (Kim Yoon Hye) has something to prove. He has to manage his current talent (who are still on the lower end of the acting ladder), seek out potential talent through street casting calls and convince them to join the company, and bring other actors into the company. company. No wonder he thinks he’s hit the jackpot when he casts Han Seung Il (Lee Sang Woo cameo), a well-known actor. Han Byul is nervous for her, as Seung Il is known in circles as someone who is impossible to communicate with, but Ho Young is convinced that he is fine. After all, she speaks to him in jondaemal (formal language). But the trap soon appears. Seung Il is particular to the point of absurdity, and Ho Young is left trying to figure out how to convey respect, loyalty, love for humanity, and a host of other factors through the door of a van. She and the other members of Seung Il’s entourage rehearse closing the van door all night. Stress? At maximum levels.

5. Tae Sung: “Why is Byun Jung Yeol an idiot?”

Tae Sung is absolutely under a ton of stress. Much of it seems to have to do with Eun Si Woo (beautiful Choi Ji Woo cameo), but the rest has to do with one person: Byun Jung Yeol (Jin Ho Eun). Sincerely and with good intentions, Jung Yeol does all he can as Tae Sung’s manager, but his best efforts almost always border on idiocy and have unforeseen consequences for an irritated Tae Sung. For example, Jung Yeol buys a refreshing drink for everyone on set. It’s a great idea, only the drink is represented by Tae Sung’s biggest rival, Shin Joo Hyun (a very creative cameo from Jang Ki Yong), and now they all carry bottles with their rival’s face on them instead of the brand they had. represents Tae Sung.

Then there’s the time Tae Sung’s drama was shooting on location, and Jung Yeol decided to do Tae Sung’s laundry. Again, great idea, only he hangs a clothesline from the van to a wall and hangs Tae Sung’s underpants for the world to see. A beleaguered Tae Sung uses every curse word in his vocabulary and roars that Jung Yeol must be an anti-fan. But Jung Yeol, despite all his mistakes, obviously cares. And when his tendency to overthink and overpack saves a man’s life (Jung Yeol even brought a defibrillator in case Tae Sung collapsed!), Tae Sung can’t help but grow fond of the younger man. Jung Yeol will probably continue to stress him out, but he is the best type of person to have by Tae Sung’s side. Also, it’s worth having Han Byul appear on set to smooth things over. Tae Sung is so in love that he is adorable!



6. Yoo Sung: “Scheming is so exhausting”

Kang Yoo Sung (Yoon Jong Hoon) cares lots about their skills and is prepared to do no matter he can to verify they get their likelihood to shine. When considered one of his actors who did effectively in an audition is rejected in favor of a drama investor’s nephew, Yoo Sung purposely will get mentioned nepotistic nephew drunk and gleefully watches as he turns violent. Yoo Sung permits himself to be overwhelmed and in return features a bonus over the nephew, which he makes use of to kick the person out of the drama and set up his actor in his place. Phew. All in someday’s work for Yoo Sung. Out of everybody in Starforce, he needs to be the neatest. Han Byul is nonsensical and sensible, Ho Young is a critical seeker, however Yoo Sung is aware of all the pieces and everybody and what makes them tick. He appears to be like like a foul enemy.

On prime of this, he’s proven assembly with Eun Si Woo, the identical actress who almost despatched Tae Sung spiraling down. What was the aim of their assembly? And what would Tae Sung do if he knew? This makes us really feel extra curious.

The drama additionally continues to maintain us guessing about Han Byul and Tae Sung’s previous relationship standing. While arguing throughout a film, we’ve got flashbacks from one other time they sat by one other film after by accident ending up sitting subsequent to one another. It is evident that one thing occurred prior to now, and it’s evident that they’re shut sufficient to harass one another. But what was it? And in the event that they went out and broke up, whose fault was it for the breakup?

The upcoming week reveals further stress for Tae Sung as Do Soo Hyuk (Lee Jung Shin) will get nearer to Han Byul. He has a crush on her and looks as if a fairly first rate man. For her half, she appears fairly flattered. Tae Sung, then again, seems to be heartbroken. The drawback with him is that he is so goofy that typically it is laborious to take him critically. Han Byul appears to significantly assume that he would reduce her wage or no matter, nevertheless it’s fairly apparent that she by no means would and he simply tries to get her to note him by teasing her harmlessly. Only the result’s that she sees him as too massive a toddler. What does it take for her to see him romantically? Or for her to understand that she thinks of him greater than anybody else? Maybe we’ll discover out subsequent week!



This man is so into her!

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