AMLO does not fall into the trap of the “famous” who oppose the Mayan Train

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He dominated out attending part 5 of the Mayan Train as requested by the “environmentalists” and critics of the development of the railways. If this occurred, would identify as its representatives in that assembly the peasants of the ejido Jacinto Pat.

In his morning convention, the president was questioned about whether or not I might schedule a date to attend the dialogue proposed by environmentalists within the part 5 of the Mayan Train.

To this, López Obrador responded by saying that he’ll appoint representatives to the peasants of the area.

“I am going to appoint a representative, because they want me to go there, so it is better that those from the Jacinto Pat ejido represent me. I’m going to send a letter to them to see if they want to represent me and deal with real or fake environmentalists. And let them be the peasants themselves.”

The president denied his attendance on the assembly with the celebrities and environmentalists since he expressed that those that invite him Do they’ve a function.

“They have a political or political function. So I’m not going to play the sport with them.”

AMLO reiterated that if the celebrities who appeared within the movies towards the Mayan Train attend The National Palace will obtain them to talk with them.

“If those that left, the well-known ones, come right here, properly, we serve them right here on the National Palace. I discuss with them. But think about serving everybody from CIDE, or the complete Aguilar Camín group, or the complete Krauze group. When am I going to persuade them? Then no.”

Finally, the president said that he would attend to the 20 celebrities of the movies the day they need within the National Palace. Furthermore, he recalled that we should handle the presidential investiture.

“And additionally, properly, you need to handle the investiture. Well, it could be a gathering with them, you could not be there. Later sure, allow them to declare them, as a result of I’ve to defend the transformation undertaking. And I am unable to expose myself, as a result of they’re additionally very indignant, very indignant and they’re making issues up.”

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