Attempted fraud against a local merchant: Manriquez “we realized it and they couldn’t do anything”

April 11, 2022

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The modality of phone scams manifests itself virtually as day by day information as a result of variety of individuals and firms that fall into the entice. In this case, the native businessman Eduardo Manriquez seen the maneuver and was capable of keep away from being scammed, “they didn’t do anything to us because when we found out we acted quickly, we followed their game a bit to see what they wanted. In the intelligence work that these people do, they search through social networks for different publications, and they even contacted me to reserve some of the apartments that I have for rent, after a talk they asked how they had to do it and we told them that they had They had to pay a deposit of 8,000 pesos, to which they agreed, arguing that they were making a deposit because they were going to do the same thing with a corralón for some purchases they had made for 100,000 pesos. It didn’t take more than 10 minutes where they sent me a phony deposit receipt with my surname misspelled, and they argued that they had made a transfer of one hundred thousand pesos to me by mistake, and that they had blocked the account and that they would contact the Bank. where I had to report that it had been a mistake, that only 8 thousand corresponded to me. Indeed, they communicated where they told me that my bank account had been blocked for security reasons, an issue that caused me doubts and what I did was block my account myself and that is how it did not happen to majors. These people have an extraordinary power of persuasion and if you are not very attentive, unfortunately you fall for their scam”.

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