Back 4 Blood announced “Tunnels of Terror”, its expansion with a giant map and new infected

The successor of Left 4 Dead revealed its first DLC

Back 4 Bloodthe successor to the well-known zombie FPS Left 4 Dead 2, introduced the premiere of its first DLC known as “Tunnels of Terror”. The downloadable content material guarantees new missions, extra weapons and the invaluable concept that not all members of a celebration must have it to play the expertise.

The zombie shooter promised the looks of two new specialised characters: Sharice, a firefighter whose fundamental weapon is an axe; already henga former restaurant proprietor who does not hesitate to slaughter zombies together with his chef’s knives.

The downloadable content material can even allow an enormous stage the place the protagonists they have to free seven underground areas from the nests of contaminated zombies.

This new discovery additionally brings new enemies known as “Infected Deformed”, among which are the urchins that place species of monstrous mines in the form of a trap; the Rippers that do not stop punishing their victims with their huge arms; and the shredders giants that terrify with their size and range of damage.

To face them, andhe new DLC will unlock seven legendary weapons, 8 new character skins, and 12 skins to customize players’ favorite weapons.

All of this new content will be available in PvP (player versus player) modes and will be accessible to all players as long as a party member has purchased the experience (which can still be played single player with the help of AI partners). Its release date is next April 12.

It’s hard for the new game Turtle Rock Studios -released at the end of last year- compete with its predecessor, even 13 years after its launch. Players gave him a cold reception, unaccustomed to card mechanics where new items are obtained and completely out of love with his game as a service proposal. This new release, along with the hope of more infected combinations, may be what finally brings it out of the shadow of Left 4 Dead 2.


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