Carragher defends Simeone: “The criticism of Cholo stinks of hypocrisy”

“Crazy, bad and dangerous”, “animals” or “dogs of war” These are a number of the “kind” qualifying adjectives that part of the English press has devoted to Atlético de Madrid after their duel in opposition to Manchester City. Nevertheless, Jaime Carragherformer Liverpool participant and the English staff, presently a commentator, has distanced himself from the heavy criticism and has defended the Argentine coach and Atleti. “The criticism against Cholo and against Atlético reeks of hypocrisy: why would someone want to sanitize every game? There is never a dull moment when Simeone is around. If there is a manager in the world that I would love to see in the Premier League, that one It’s Simeone” holds.

The former Liverpool participant breaks a spear for Simeone and highlights “his appreciation for the emotion and color he has brought. There is a strange tendency in our sport to express distaste for teams and managers who play on the edge during their careers, just to remember more fondly his most memorable incidents decades later,” he writes in his column within the Telegraph”.

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“The game would be boring if everyone played the same way”

Carragher insists on his argument: “Many say they are horrified by Atletico’s approach. Many descriptions label Atlético as ‘a disgrace’. What do neutrals want from a football game? The game is more fascinating when there is a collision of styles and personality. That may be in the form of Klopp against Guardiola (…) or Simeone against the rest of the worldbecause he is at his best when he and his players are belligerent. These differences should be encouraged and appreciated, not scorned. The game would be boring if all the coaches played the same way.” Explain.

Praise for Guardiola and emotional challenges

Finally, he provides that “regarding Guardiola, there is nothing he would like more than all the opposition managers trying to replicate City’s aerial game. The most boring games are those in which an aspiring manager encourages his team to playing in the so-called ‘right way’ against City, trying to retain possession… At full time, they receive lavish praise from Guardiola on how good they are, the surest sign that they posed no threat. Simeone was always going to provide City with a physical and emotional challenge that they rarely face in England.” ensures.

Carragher’s reflection went a lot additional: “The reaction to Atlético’s performance was more exaggerated than anything they actually did. They were aggressive and did everything possible to avoid a fluid game. As a show, the tie did not produce great football until the second half of the second leg. But not incidents that qualify as cheating,” he explains.

Finally, it states that “denying the likes of Simeone the license to do that means the outcome is certain before the ball is put into play. It’s not unlike what Liverpool did in 2005 to beat Chelsea at Anfield, or what Jose Mourinho used to do to beat Guardiola’s great Barcelona team. Every major match turned into a war without giving an iota, every weapon at the coaches disposal was used, even if it meant occasionally making the game rudimentary, to upset an opponent’s pace. Some people call it ‘making the game ugly’. But it improves the competition and if it works for your team, you love it, “he settled.

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