Charo expelled and on the verge of abandonment in ‘Survivors 2022’

The third gala Survivors 2022 has reached Telecinco led by Jorge Javier Vázquez with Charo, Ainhoa, Kiko Matamoros and Juan Muñoz nominated. Tonight they’ve confronted the decision of the spectators to seek out out which ones grew to become a parasite and must dwell with Rubén Sánchez Montesinos for a minimal week. Precisely one of many protagonists of the night as a result of his dangerous habits with the format staff.

The location sport has left Anabel Pantoja’s staff out of the sport, who must survive one other week in Fatal Beach after Anuar’s alleged hearth traps. New chief check, nominations and the massive clashes of the week.

'Survivors 2022': Ainhoa, Charo, Kiko and Juan face the verdict of the viewers

‘Survivors 2022’: Ainhoa, Charo, Kiko and Juan face the decision of the viewers


Survivors 2022

The Beach Royale staff wins the placement check

They get yet another week within the privileged zone and devour some spaghetti in a minute


Touch of attention to Rubén Sánchez

We already saw him on Wednesday at the premiere of Survivors 2022: No Man’s Land, the habits of Rubén Sánchez Montesinos as a parasite is completely unacceptable. And it’s that the participant who, we do not forget that he was expelled final week, has been all week complicating the work of the cameras on his seaside.

Here is a small pattern of his habits this final week in Survivors 2022

“I recognize that there have been times when I have been a little tense and I have apologized to them. The mind here plays tricks. The situation has been able to me”, Rubén admitted to Jorge Javier Vazquez after giving him a warning for his habits. But the factor didn’t finish right here…

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Monica Walls

Charo Vega suffers an anxiety crisis in 'Survivors 2022':

You intentionally keep bare so they do not document you

Jorge Javier Vazquez

And it’s that the presenter additionally dropped the next phrases: “You deliberately stay naked so they don’t record you.” “I do nudism in Sitges. I am a nudist. I thought I could practice it in a bathroom, ”replied the bodybuilder. “It is a matter of common sense. A bath, yes, but not all afternoon and all morning. You should fight to continue in the contest”, settled Jorge Javier.

'Survivors 2022': Rubén Sánchez receives a wake-up call for his bad behavior with the program team

‘Survivors 2022’: Rubén Sánchez receives a wake-up name for his dangerous habits with this system staff


Anuar clears all doubts

I already commented on it earlier than, Anuar planted many doubts within the staff of Survivors 2022 after having the ability to mild the fireplace in simply over three minutes. On Wednesday Lara Álvarez made an exhaustive evaluation of all the things that occurred since that they had no proof in photographs of the true technique of the survivors. However, she was given a chance to indicate that in 24 hours she was succesful, collectively along with her staff, of lighting the flame.

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It has value them however they’ve achieved it. “You have turned it on but with a little more than 3 minutes”, expressed Jorge Javier with out leaving the doubt behind. What is definite is that they’ve achieved it and on this approach the feat of final Wednesday is taken as a right. Will we ever know what actually occurred?

'Survivors 2022': Anuar manages to make fire 24 hours later and demonstrates his ability

‘Survivors 2022’: Anuar manages to make hearth 24 hours later and demonstrates his capability


Survivors 2022

Alexander within the highlight

The survivor has acquired complaints from his staff and has confronted Kiko Matamoros

'Survivors 2022': Alejandro faces Kiko Matamoros

‘Survivors 2022’: Alejandro faces Kiko Matamoros


Charo, new expelled from ‘Survivors 2022’

Yes, the expulsion has been lengthy in coming however after the preliminary salvation of Ainhoa ​​and Kiko Matamoros the ultimate vote has been debated between Charo and Juan. Finally the viewers have determined that… Charo turns into the brand new expelled from Survivors 2022!

“I thought I would do better. Everything is beautiful but I really would not return, ”she transmitted after studying of her expulsion. What he didn’t anticipate in any respect is that he would find yourself as a parasite with Rubén Sánchez.

I assumed I’d do higher. Everything is gorgeous however I actually would not return


And look if he was little anticipated that he has been on the verge of abandoning Survivors 2022 realizing that he was staying at the least till Sunday at parasite seaside. Luckily, his grandson Manuel has been in a position to ship him a number of phrases of assist and he has endured the pull, but when the viewers resolve that he stays yet another week…. Will he ask for expulsion?

'Survivors 2022': Charo becomes the new expelled from the edition

‘Survivors 2022’: Charo turns into the brand new expelled from the version



Alejandro, Ainhoa, Kiko and Juan

'Survivors 2022': Alejandro, Ainhoa, Kiko and Juan, new nominees for the edition

‘Survivors 2022’: Alejandro, Ainhoa, Kiko and Juan, new nominees for the version


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