CoconutB, the villain (or genius) of Rust’s recent and controversial Twitch Rivals

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During Rust’s controversial Twitch Rivals held this weekend, one of many protagonists was undoubtedly CoconutB, an American streamer who ignited the controversy as he was the principle accused of dishonest and breaking the principles of the occasion.

In case you did not know, we let you know that within the latest Twitch match, which after a number of discussions between the streamers, the place either side accused one another of, along with being cheaters, whiners or racists, ended sooner than anticipated giving as winner to the DisguisedToast squad.

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CoconutB, who has 380 thousand followers on Twitch, 190 thousand subscribers on YouTube, 35 thousand followers on Twitter and one other 5 thousand on Instagram, grew to become the villain of Rust’s Twitch Rivals, who was accused of being the principle instigator of robberies and destruction of bases, in addition to different actions that broke the laws.

And apparently, like a superb villain, he went out to have fun – certainly with irony – being the MVP of Twitch Rivals, posting a message on Twitter the place it says that: “Really happy to have been able to obtain MVP thanks to you who voted for me. Despite the result, I really enjoyed being able to play with so many amazing down to earth creators, the vibes were great and I felt like our minds were tough as shit across the board. GG!”

As anticipated, his followers defended him, indicating that the accusations had been false and that he was solely following the principles supplied by the sport.

Villain or genius? This is one thing that will probably be left to the opinion of every participant who has adopted Twitch Rivals and the actions of CoconutB, who to complete additional fueling the controversy, referred to this saying on Twitter: “You know that you screwed up when the entire Rust community ganged up on you. The last time we did this was against rhinocrunch.”

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage / Instagram / Discord

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