Dele Alli told RETIRE if he ‘doesn’t love him anymore’ and ‘would cheat in the game at other Prem clubs’


Stan Collymore has advised EVERTON midfielder Dele Alli to RETIRE if he ‘would not love’ soccer anymore.

The 25-year-old has but to start out a sport with new Everton boss Frank Lampard.

And Alli nonetheless seems to be like a shadow of his former self who shone with Mauricio Pochettino at Tottenham.

Collymore has requested the unrecognizable Alli to reply “serious questions” about her profession.

Writing in his Mirror column, he mentioned: “Dele needs to answer some serious questions, for himself, no one else.

“He has to ask: Do you want to play professional football or are you not cut out for it?

“Dele Alli can decide that she no longer loves him. He goes and finds something you’re passionate about, and don’t cheat the game by going on a circus with other Premier League clubs.”

“I would be misleading the fans, clubs and managers of those clubs.

“He has gone from being the next golden midfielder in Europe to people asking if he is still a Premier League player.

«The answers can only come from Dele.

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“Look in the mirror and be honest: do you want to be a professional or not? Don’t go astray for another five years because that would be a crime against his ability.”

There was a whole lot of optimism that transferring away from the Spurs would assist rekindle Alli’s profession.

Manager Lampard described the transfer as “a clean slate” for Alli.

As the previous England worldwide put pen to paper, Lampard mentioned: “It’s a new slate for Dele Alli, but we also have to push him to extract what’s there. I just have to find the right environment for him.”


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