Emery: “There have been many controversial moves and they have all hurt us”

Unfair: “We have played a very good game, we have done everything to win. A very complete game against a great team. There have been many controversial plays, but we have not been favored in any of them. Maybe some were in our favor. We did not speculate, we helped the referees, I have an internal indignation, since we have been harmed in everything”.

Shield/Flag Villarreal

Disallowed purpose: “When a player puts in his own goal, he would always give it, he has given it. In the penalty play he is doubtful, but he steps on him and he doesn’t want to see it. The six minutes of added time I don’t know what they came for. I complain about the game, but hey, it is what it is. I’m happy with the game and the team’s work. The game gives you, but this time it didn’t give us and we deserved it”.

Shield/Flag Seville

Lopetegui nice arbitration: “I respect Lopetegui a lot, a great coach and a great person. It is logical that he thinks that and that he has seen great refereeing. What I want is to play more in games, and we can all improve on that. The referees already have a problem who go to the limit seeing who can cheat them and with those time wasters. In Europe there is more play and less cheating. I do not allow my players to simulate and I see other teams that are looking for it not to be played, I do not allow that, for now I haven’t had those needs.”

Message to the gamers: I’ve instructed them that my solely indignation is that they’ve made a fantastic celebration that has escaped for issues during which they might not do something. I’m pleased with the staging of my gamers and the sport they performed in opposition to a fantastic rival. It was a fantastic sport and that is what I’ve instructed you.

The tie is price: “The draw is good for us, but we deserved to win and that makes me upset.”

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