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eleven o’clock, it begins.be part of us, eh we salute you,temptress.and ambrosio have been earlier than colleagueto sandro pribuzke within the dayfree.we begin tonight, as a result ofmother and father a couple of new schemeof extortion utilized bysome predators towardsyoungsters from the south of theFlorida.>> and every thing is completed viadigital platforms, for thatfacet tells us learn how to keep away from beingsufferer of this crime and whatWhat must you do as a mum or dad?go forward urizar, good evening.alert that positivelyretains them very apprehensivemother and father, in line with the fbi,complaints with circumstances like thisThey have elevated.significantly within thelatest weeks, these ofinns are right here, eachtheir victims viasocial networks viavideo games on-line and by way ofreporter: teenage boysbetween 13 and 17 years outdated are thenew victims of thoseextortion schemes.they ask for photographs and moviessexual that later are>> as soon as your daughter or son12 or 13 years outdated, ship him aintimate video to somebody, theideo can’t be deleted.reporter: the fbi reportensures that contact betweenfish and predatorsoffers between social networks, video gameson-line or cellular purposes.for this the specialistssuggest checking the timeduring which your baby is web.>> we have now purposes likeparental management room, whichI’ll present you what he’sdownloading.reporter: additionally management thecontent material you’re consuming.>> I’ve the safety within thecommunications, and that isa photointimate arrives, Ian alert will arrive.reporter: this methodology ofyour laptop, timedisplay,privateness content material likeyou need to have it activatedto have the ability to management what’syour kid’s play facilities.can block somephrases that may very well bespecific.>> for instance “show me yourparts”.it’s attainable to dam allspecs that embodyphrase half.>> authorities embody beingselective with those that sharelinereporter: block or ignorestranger’s messages, haveobserve that folks canfaux to be somethinganybody on-line.suspect somebody unknownask him to talk in personal,and ask their youngsters to reportsuspicious habits ofan grownup.reporter: fbi figuresadditionally reveal that solely within the2021, 18,000 case reviewsrelated have been filedearlier than this physique.the insistence is thatmaintain reporting circumstanceslike these.jenny: very first thing i do knowwhat to do if a mum or dad suspectsthat his son is the sufferer of somekind of extortion?reporter: the primaryadvice is to not deleteno details about theunits that have been usedIn this communication betweensufferer and predator, thengo to the fbi

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