How to create a jump counter in Roblox

Program a leap counter inside Roblox

As now we have mentioned earlier than, programming actions from scratch in Roblox requires programming information. Still, if you do not have a lot of an thought the place to begin, you may at all times copy and paste scripts from the net and check out them out inside Roblox. This resolution additionally helps us save a variety of time.

In the particular case of making a leap counter, from the Roblox growth boards we are able to extract this script to do it:


native leaderstats =“Folder”)

leaderstats.Name = “leaderstats”

leaderstats.Parent = participant

native jumpCount =“IntValue”)

jumpCount.Name = “Jumps”

jumpCount.Parent = leaderstats


native humanoid = character:WaitForChild(“Humanoid”)

native debounce = true


if debounce == true then

debounce = false

if humanoid.Jump == true then

jumpCount.Value = jumpCount.Value + 1



debounce = true





If you need to search for extra pre-made scripts, throughout the Roblox boards you can find many very helpful sources.

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