Karina Otero on the Law of Slogans: “It is a trap and a serious blow to democracy”

The councilor of Esquel Karina Otero, from the Cambiemos block, introduced a draft declaration within the Deliberative Council denouncing that the Law of Slogans is “fraudulent” and violates the rules of the Provincial Constitution.

The ordinance mission will likely be despatched to Governor Mariano Arcioni, the Provincial Legislature and the deliberative councils of the Chubut municipalities. In lately, Lieutenant Governor Ricardo Sastre proposed implementing the Lemas Law, underneath the pretext that it could forestall residents from voting within the Paso and General elections.

This concept that caught on in Chubut’s Peronism generated the repudiation of the Esquel councilwoman. “We would be dealing a severe blow to the democracy of our province since said system is practically still in force in very few places and there is broad agreement that it is a cheating institute that violates the popular will”, Karina Otero opposed the intentions of Peronism to accommodate the electoral guidelines of the sport at will.

The mayor of Cambiemos made it clear that “The Provincial Constitution in its article 146 is clear when it states that the Governor will be elected by simple plurality of suffrage”, pulling down any argument that pretends to put in Peronism as a fallacy.

The Law of Slogans constitutes a entice as a result of the citizen vote is reinterpreted by including the totally different sub-slogans inside the identical social gathering. This can imply that whoever gained the election finally loses it.” Karina Otero warned that this flawed regulation might find yourself governing a candidate that almost all of the folks didn’t vote for.

To endorse this, Karina Otero referred to the case of the Santa Cruz elections in 2015 by which Alicia Kirchner got here to energy having misplaced on the polls. “Without going very far in Santa Cruz in 2015 it happened. Eduardo Costa beat Alicia Kirchner by 13,000 votes and today the governor is Kirchner by the sum of other candidates”sentenced the mayor.

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