Laso: “The whole team has done a great job”

NEWS. 05/11/2022

“We have an important moment next week and these games are good for us to prepare for the Final Four”, defined Causeur.

Pablo lasso and Fabien causeur analyzed the victory of the actual Madrid in opposition to UCAM Murcia on matchday 33 of the League. The coach mentioned: “We have done a very good defensive and offensive job. They have had a lot of success from three points at the beginning and that has kept the game even but then we have adjusted and we have lowered Murcia’s shooting percentage. From there, we have had quite a mastery of the game. The rebound has allowed us to control the pace. The third quarter was our best and most solid one”.

“I see the team doing well. We have been able to rotate all the players and they have all done their job very well. It was a very choral victory. Everyone has been very positive for the team and I am very happy, regardless of whether we have a good run of results. Not having qualifying pressure makes it a cheat game. I transmit to the team that it is capable of playing one hundred percent. I have to praise the team because everyone has done a great job”.

defensive stage
“My team has been pretty good all season. In our worst moment we have lacked offensive and defensive sensations. Sometimes it goes all the way. Our start was great defensively. The Maccabi tie was a clear example that we had to take a defensive step forward and so we did. We have offensive talent as we have shown today”.

final day
“At the end of a Regular League of 34 games, the one who descends or goes to the playoff does not go on the last day. He has had 33 games. We are going to win Gran Canaria. We don’t think of anything else. We want to play well and win. When you put on the Real Madrid shirt you are going to win”.

Causeur: “It’s always good to compete and win”
“It is an important victory in preparation for the Final Four. We didn’t risk anything but it’s good not to lose rhythm, and above all playing against a team that played a lot today. The effort has been very good. Murcia is a team that gives it all”.

“It is always good to compete and win. We have an important moment of the season next week and these games are good for us to prepare for the semi-final. When you are focused, nothing usually happens. If you’re not, it can happen. The team was very clear about it. It has been a very tough Regular League, with ups and downs, but we have secured our position. But we are going for more and the objective is to reach the final and win it”.

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