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The day is coming, as a result of there is no such thing as a deadline that doesn’t arrive or date that isn’t met and the head of the cult of character comes within the type of “Revocation of Mandate.”

At this level, those that consciously take part on this course of are already properly knowledgeable and those that will not be, can be hauled away within the previous PRI fashion, which is the brand new Morena.

The subject right here is to know what we’re going to do with our vote on April 12.

In this upside-down world that our Mexico typically turns into, the request and persistence, relating to the revocation of the mandate, doesn’t come from the folks, however from the guts of the president’s ego, from energy.

One extra whim, emboldened as a result of he delivered the week a piece that the military gave him unfinished, everyone knows the circumstances.

The adoration of the character, the favored verbena, has been protecting up the guillotine, with which they need to strike down the INE.

But let’s go in components, this citizen train (mischievous wink) as soon as once more has its well-defined poles, many arguments for individuals who will go to the polls and for individuals who will not and need to persuade you to not both.

The info are that, we Mexicans elect a president for a interval of six years, which we hope can be fulfilled in order that one other particular person comes and so forth, since that’s how it’s enshrined in our structure.

The revocation of the mandate is requested by THE CITIZENS, after they misplaced confidence within the president they elected, they’re disenchanted, disenchanted to see the outcomes.

So who requests it, is the one who has felt scammed, disenchanted, not the half that desires to proceed… How for what? If it’s already, or not?

The authorities and its occasion are the principle promoters of this train to which we’re summoned on April 12.

The query is why is the federal government the promoter? Those associated to López ought to take off their veil for a second to reply this query, I might solely warn them that the solutions could possibly be overwhelming to a sure extent. Unfortunately they will not.

In brief, we’re going to suppose that we swallow the bait that this can be a democratic train that seeks, in the most effective of instances, a readjustment, a slap on the wrist to rectify what was flawed and, within the worst, a means of constructing everlasting propaganda to divert consideration to issues of the viscera, to cowl up a authorities catastrophe.

That is finished by populist, authoritarian governments Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, and so forth.

So the great López performs it secure, since he likes to win, he dangers completely nothing.

It legitimizes the everlasting marketing campaign, as a result of as a substitute of governing by listening to the folks, they may proceed on a marketing campaign tour, inaugurating airports, trains and ineffective refineries, simply as López likes, as a substitute of governing.

So should you vote for him to remain, thanks on your vote, he was going to remain anyway and should you vote for him to go, you are on his sport anyway.

What issues right here is just not the end result, as a result of López wins in all eventualities, it’s his sport, his toys, his area and his guidelines and he’ll go sure or sure in opposition to the INE as a result of if he wins, it was regardless of the INE and if he loses, then it is going to be the Institute’s fault.

Here I depart you a query, how is it that somebody in a privileged place of energy clothes up as a sufferer?

And how is it that that sufferer, who’s President of the Republic, can stroll round with out displaying empathy to his ruled who’re true victims?

The entice remains to be insanity, the incidence, placing new phrases within the mouth of his followers (and detractors too) “fiís, bean with weevil, vitacilina etc…” (sure, buddy chairo these phrases weren’t created by you, you repeat them like a parakeet ), make us consider that he’s determined.

López’s speech is an invite to resentment, to vote, by having the opposition divided, since some are betting that folks will vote for “no” and the opposite for not going to vote, it seeks to summon folks to vote with hatred and fanaticism for or in opposition to him, however vote.

They are so succesful that they simply see the circus that they put collectively in order that the regulation, which they themselves accepted, in order that it permits them to advertise their very own revocation. My Magical Mexico.

There was no clear and convincing speech from the opposition, they solely devoted themselves to reacting and, so you possibly can see how misplaced they’re, they made a lego of AMLO with the grey home, which the president himself thanked for his creativity and which can quickly be on the market within the streets and cruises with variants of trains, airports and refineries, along with having their neoliberal counterparts such because the layman of Calderón and Salinas. Government entrepreneurs thanks.

We have reached a sure age when you need to select the battles you need to struggle and which of them you do not. The revocation of the mandate is there and it’s as much as every particular person in the event that they consider that that is the battle for one aspect or the opposite.

Everything is prepared in order that the next Monday, the endorsed, renewed and phoenix fowl, redeemer of the poor and messiah of Macuspana, harangued to attempt to strike a blow to democracy in Mexico and die to the rhythm of the applause of his devoted and followers. .

In no means are we going to permit it.

Which battle will you select?

We learn in “Let’s discuss Revocation II

Time to time.

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