Lorenzo Córdova assures that electoral reform is not necessary for 2024, if all the actors comply with the rules

An electoral reform will not be mandatory for the 2024 elections if all political actors adjust to the foundations of the sport, but when a reform is made to enhance and never go backwards, it’s welcome, mentioned the president of the National Electoral Institute, Lorenzo Córdova Vianello.

In an interview this Friday afternoon in Mazatlan, the place he spoke on the convention “The national electoral authorities and their role in the pending democratic agenda,” he added that final 12 months the most important and most complicated election in historical past was organized within the midst of a pandemic with the foundations that they’ve and it was a really profitable election wherever you wish to see it.

“Is democracy at risk if electoral reforms are not made in the face of the election of 24 (2024)? In no way, we have an institutional framework, a regulatory framework that perfectly allows us to go to 24 with these rules,” he burdened. to media personnel.

“Having said that, if there is a consensus among all the political actors to change the rules, if those rules are the product of a diagnosis, of an analysis that allows us to improve what we have, that is, not go backwards, and if these rules also serve to solve some of the problems, which undoubtedly exist, because then an electoral reform is welcome, but it is necessary, by no means”.

He additionally said that the INE has energy and credibility amongst residents.

“I would say that the main challenge today is that the players adjust to the rules of the game, the main challenge for democracy is that there are disloyal players, that the rules are broken and that non-compliance with the rules becomes normal” , mentioned.

“When in a game the rules do not serve to regulate the game because the players maliciously or intentionally and systematically violate them, because the rules are meaningless and the democratic game is put at risk, I would say that this is the main problem, the rest they are adjustment issues, we have an inclusive and parity system, we have a robust electoral system that is admired throughout the world”.

He expressed that it’s mentioned that it needs to be like Costa Rica, and the curious factor is that Costa Ricans for 10 years have been concerned in an electoral reform and are seeing the mannequin to observe.

“Then the Mexican electoral model works, the main problem is that the rules of the game are not practiced and that they are systematically and intentionally violated by political actors, then that is the main problem,” he burdened.

To an categorical query, he said that he wouldn’t dare to say that the President of the Republic is the primary promoter of the sport of dishonest when it comes to electoral laws, however there are numerous public servants who systematically and all that’s obvious would enable us to suppose that in an orchestrated, concerted method They are violating the foundations of the democratic sport.

“What I do want to emphasize is that there are many political actors, many public officials who are promoting government achievements at a time when that is prohibited, it is prohibited by the Constitution, the INE does not say so, and the worst of the matter is that They are taking advantage of the violation of these prohibitions and the actions of the INE to enforce them, to build a false discourse that the INE is a censor,” Córdova Vianello continued.

“That the INE does not want democracy, that we conspire against democracy, that we do not want to put the number of boxes that we should put, that we are hiding them, that we are not promoting, …many of you work for electronic media , you can be the best proof, you can give us the best verification of how many times the more than 800,000 spots that the INE has broadcast in recent weeks promoting the Revocation of the Mandate are not heard in the electronic media.”

If billboards are paid for by residents, it’s lawful, if they’re events, it’s a violation

He additionally introduced that if the billboards wherein the Mandate Revocation course of is promoted are paid for by residents individually, or in an organized method, it’s lawful.

But if they’re being paid with public cash or with cash from a political get together, then it’s a violation of the norm, as a result of that’s prohibited by the Constitution.

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