Matilda Blanco and a serious accusation against Melody Luz in El Hotel de los Famosos

The Hotel of the Famous has no peace and this time it was the flip of Matilda White to spark controversy. In full breakfast of the company, pointed towards Melody Blanco and accused her of dishonest.

“Guys, I need to talk to you. Here in the hotel, during the games we play, there is a person who cheats. She is Miss Melody”, The vogue critic started to the astonishment and disapproval of some actuality present contributors.

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Faced with such an accusation, the dancer was not silent. “I already talked about this topic and I said I didn’t realize because the rope was on my side”, he retorted in reference to a recreation of abilities wherein each contestants had been half.

Regarding the spicy crossing, the well-known took a place on the topic. Alexander Caniggia selected to criticize Matilda: “The least you have to do is be a buchón”. And the Chanchi added: “Terrible vigilante the ‘Irish'”.

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For its half, Walter Queijeiro neither did he agree with Blanco’s perspective. “Saying it in front of guests is something that makes me uncomfortable. It seems to me that it was not the time or the place”.

What’s extra, Matilda insisted in Melody’s guilt and exclaimed:I need to say that I’m going to ask for the problem”. Finally, she assured: “I’m going to leave this here very big, which is a ‘cheater’ poster for Melody.” The resort is on hearth!

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