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Do you wish to embellish your base with lovely flags? We educate you easy methods to make them in Minecraft and easy methods to discover the required supplies for it.

Minecraft is among the most essential video games in historical past. Not solely does it supply tons of hours of enjoyable, nevertheless it’s a really highly effective inventive device… and even pedagogical.

In Minecraft we are able to customise many objects, and there may be virtually nothing random within the Mojang title. One of the preferred ornamental components are the flags.

Either for adorn the wall of our base or to create a personalised protect, the flags are objects very beloved by the followers. The best solution to get them is by crafting them.

If you wish to embellish your base and unleash your inventive skills, right here we present you easy methods to make flags in minecraftand easy methods to discover the required supplies for its realization.

Minecraft: easy methods to make flags and discover the required supplies

Flags are very helpful ornamental objects in Minecraft. Perhaps the preferred use is crafting customized shields and armor, however there may be far more to debate.

Although we are able to discover them in chests and villages, the simplest and commonest solution to acquire flags is to make them your self. Of course, put together to gather the required supplies for it.



The very first thing we should get is the wool. We will want six blocks of wool of the identical colour to make a flag. Later we are able to combine them and edit our designs.

How will we get wool? Well, as you may think about, shearing a sheep. Finding sheep will not be actually tough in Minecraft, though it’s simpler if we construct a farm.

Once you discover one (they dwell within the meadows), encompass it with fences and proceed to shear it utilizing scissors. You will get a block of wool, which you’ll be able to dye the colour you need.



It is among the commonest supplies in Minecraft, and it’s indispensable half in flag making. You can get them by hitting the leaf blocks on the bushes.

Most Minecraft gamers agree that one of the simplest ways to gather sticks is go hitting the branches that delimit the tree. Once that is performed, sticks will drop regularly and can be simpler to acquire.

mix supplies


Once you could have six blocks of wool and a stick, you may proceed to construct a flag. Of course, it’s obligatory to have a piece desk to fabricate them. In case you do not have it, acquire wooden and mix the planks.

To make the flag place the six blocks of wool on the tops from the desk, and the stick within the backside heart block. Once you construct the primary one, you are able to do it sooner by way of the recipe listing.

Customization of flags


You have already got your flag, so now it is time to customise it. The commonest is to get a single colour flag, by blocks of wool that you’ve got beforehand dyed.

Each flag can have as much as six totally different colour patternsand it’s doable improve it to 16 utilizing the command console in Minecraft. There are authentic patterns, and we are able to additionally create our personal.

Here are a number of the commonest patterns:

  • Enchanted Golden Apple – Old Mojang Studios Logo
  • Wither Skeleton Skull: Skull and Crossbones Skeleton
  • Creeper Head: Creeper Face
  • Ox eye daisy: Daisy
  • Bricks: Brick Pattern (Bedrock Edition)
  • Vines: Wine Pattern (Bedrock Edition)

These are the most effective Minecraft seeds which you can discover in 2021, with the principle biomes and the coordinates with essentially the most attention-grabbing factors.

Know extra

If you could have adopted these steps, you’ll have already got your treasured flag in Minecraft. You can dangle it on a wall, base or use it to create your personalised protect. There are tons of choices out there.

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