Morena accuses the INE of “conspiracy and rebellion”

Jesus Emmanuel Leon Vazquez 
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The stress between councilors and morenistas remained till the final second of the revocation session.

The polls had not but been put in when the president of the National Electoral Institute (INE), Lorenzo Córdova, warned the general public servants and leaders of Morena: “Traps and cheats in electoral matters will always be discovered.”

Minutes later, when the General Council settled in a everlasting session, the Morenista consultant, Mario Llergo, accused the electoral officers of selling the annulment of the method, arguing interference by the federal government equipment.

«His sport is soiled and harmful, his opposition to the sovereignty of the folks has crossed the border of illegality.

“I accuse the majority of this General Council of conspiracy and rebellion against the institutions of the Republic,” argued the additionally federal deputy.

On the record of accusations towards the INE was not coaching the ballot staff to “bust the process”, though it solely gave one case of the 290 thousand residents who registered and counted the votes.

«It shouldn’t shock us, that has been his tonic at this desk, all the time coming to inform lies. Do not be troubled in regards to the failure of this establishment, and if it may have an effect on your ego, all through the nation, the residents, in a categorical approach, instructed us that they accepted to be civil servants for the INE. Understand it effectively, for the INE, and never for you, “replied the counselor José Roberto Ruiz.

After the counselors showed the brunette with documents that the person he mentioned had signed a letter in which he assures that he was trained, the complaint was that 500,000 voters had been left without voting, when the Nominal List was closed.

This, despite the fact that weeks ago the issue was discussed for more than two hours and it was made clear to him that the law establishes it.

Of the 11 councilors, nine criticized that party and its officials, including President López Obrador, for the systematic violation of the electoral law.

In the morning, ex officio, the INE ordered the Ministry of Finance to delete a tweet in which it called to vote, for which Ciro Murayama compared the traps of the morenistas with those of the PVEM.

“Now they aren’t the ‘influencers’, now it is among the most vital ministries of the Federal Executive,” he said.

Throughout the day, the news that reached the councilors the most were complaints about people outside the polls with lists, verifying that those who appeared there had gone to vote.

As well as the “solidarity assist” of Morena leaders and supporters of Tabasco to move voters throughout the country.

The decision of the leader of that party, Mario Delgado, to give “a raise” to residents of Iztacalco to their polls, further inflamed the spirits in the permanent session of the General Council.

«The leader of Morena is committing a flagrant crime, he is publicizing it. When Morena’s representatives want to tell us that they are not the same, no, they are not, they are worse.

“Although in the past there was vote carry, I never thought I would see a party leader doing it directly. He is doing it cynically”, said the PRD member Ángel Ávila.

In response, Morena’s deputy representative, Euripides Flores, argued that he should also be taken to jail, since he gave deputy Mario Llergo a ‘raid’ to vote in a special polling place.

“See you in court docket,” he said smiling.

The PAN representative stated that Morena was so desperate for her to attend the vote, given the low turnout, that Delgado himself violated the law in a “cynical” way.

Without mentioning Delgado, Murayama warned that the law establishes a fine of 50 to 100 days and imprisonment of six months to three years for transporting voters.

“Anyone who organizes the assembly or transport of voters on election day, to be able to affect the course of the vote,” he said.

Meanwhile, the PRD finalized its complaint against the brunette, and the Contentious Technical Unit reported that a file would be opened to substantiate the complaint, and gave a view to the Special Prosecutor for Electoral Crimes to determine if there is an electoral offense.

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