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by Pegasus

I’ve seen on social networks two very completely different variations of what occurred the earlier weekend when the Electricity Reform proposed by the Pejidente ALMO was rejected.

The opposition events, PAN, PRI, PRD and Movimiento Ciudadano rushed to precise their pleasure on the catastrophe that this represented for the Peje of the Executive.

Immediately, the memes circulated the place the face of the little cotton head is seen all singed, with the hair standing up and the legend: “Electrocuted!”

But then, the official chairos threw a chorizon the place they evaluate ALMO with a virtuous chess participant; with the technique of a Capablanca, the instinct of a Fisher, the virtuosity of a Kasparov, the audacity of an Alekhine, the magic of a Thal, the genius of a Morphy, the persistence of a Karpov, the grace of a Nimzovich or the perfection of a Carlsen.

According to them, the opponents have been as harmless as a kindergarten baby, who fell into the entice set by the skillful grasp of deception.

ALMO already knew that the Electricity Reform wouldn’t be permitted, however for that, it had a Plan B, which was to guard the exploitation of lithium, a cloth thought-about strategic because of the excessive demand it has for the manufacturing of mobile phone, pc and automotive batteries.

But as well as, the formidable deputies who allowed themselves to be bribed by the Machiavellian lobbyists of Iberdrola and different transnational corporations that needed to proceed doing enterprise with the sale of electrical energy in Mexico have been uncovered.

“Traitors”, “vendepatrias”, are the epithets that the chairiza now applies to PAN, PRI, PRD and emecista legislators, as a result of they served international pursuits as an alternative of monitoring for the great of Mexicans.

This, says the sausage, shall be a formidable political weapon that the previous man will wield any further towards his detractors.

And the MORENA candidates will make the most of the wealthy vein that’s given to them on a silver platter, not just for this election, however for the next ones, per secula seculorum.

Soon we are going to see the morenista standard-bearers classify as traitors to the nation all those that shelter underneath the flag of the PAN, PRI, PRD and Citizen Movement.

I’ve solely discovered one similarity between the topic of the Electrical Reform, immediately rejected, and chess: That within the sport of science, every participant should anticipate the opposite’s strikes and attain a state of affairs the place the opponent is pressured to make one or a number of strikes the place, both you do will lead you to perdition.

It is assumed that if the opposition voted towards the Reform and it was not permitted, they might lose. And in the event that they voted for it, they might additionally lose.

I desire to attend a bit to see the precise outcomes of that vote.

For now, I have to say that I’ve different information.

The Law that regulates the operation of the Federal Electricity Commission, after the modifications utilized by former President Enrique Peña Nieto, allowed international non-public funding, which could be optimistic if the difficulty of corruption is taken care of.

Companies like Iberdrola abruptly started to do juicy enterprise associating themselves with gangster governors, resembling Cabeza de Vaca in Tamaulipas, the place it was stuffed with wind farms, benefiting from the truth that they didn’t pay for using CFE amenities and acquiring stratospheric earnings.

It was sufficient simply to take away the articles that allowed these abuses and apply the regulation rigorously.

As far as I do know, in essentially the most superior nations it’s the Private Initiative and never the federal government that produces electrical energy.

Keeping the CFE as a monopoly would symbolize a setback, and so far as I do know, the legal guidelines in our nation are progressive.

When I get, for instance, a invoice for 50,000 pesos, though I’ve home consumption and my historical past has been for one thousand or one thousand 5 hundred pesos, there isn’t a human energy that may persuade the Federal Electricity Commission, or those that handle it, that I’m proper. First I’ve to pay the 50 thousand pesos after which they’ll examine my meter to see if it has any fault.

And there isn’t a mechanism for my wool to be returned to me, as a result of PROFECO can also be a authorities entity.

It can also be the identical with the exploitation of lithium. A reform of the Mining Law was not required, as a result of it’s already within the Constitution that the pure and subsoil riches are property of the Nation.

It is sufficient to apply the regulation and keep away from corruption, a matter by which, sadly, we Mexicans are world champions.

Comes the Pegasus-style saying: “Refrain from providing me, only assign me where it exists.” (Don’t give me, simply put me the place there may be).

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