Petro fell into the trap set by César Gaviria and did not see the ball

Petro ignored that Gaviria has not modified his ideology, since he has been a liberal with integrity and devoted to his ideas, who pulls chestnuts out of the hearth with another person’s hand

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In a previous column ( on 03/02/22 we jokingly talked about how these two hardened politicians performed the destiny of the nation with the sport of ball in a misplaced city in our geography. We warned prematurely that the little ball within the cap was a gambler’s recreation the place essentially the most expert conjurer at all times wins, whereas the opposite loses all of the discuss him.

Until that second we assumed that Petro was the mafioso, as a result of being a guerrilla for therefore a few years, he developed the flexibility to stay hidden within the leaf litter of the Tolimense jungle, the place he grew to become the magician of camouflage; a state of affairs that ready him in order that a few years later he would have the ability to make such dramatic ideological triple leaps, corresponding to going from free-thinking atheist to falling on his knees earlier than the pope to kiss his ring; from leaping from being a revisionist Marxist to changing into a centrist socialist, worse but, from a fanatic of expropriation to a democratizer of wealth.

The candidate’s fast goal in requesting a gathering with Gaviria was to depart the concept had successfully moved to the middle floating over the political surroundings, and thus have the ability to seize that broad liberal fringe that lived and voted below the awnings of López Michelsen’s MRL, who in flip, he drank from the purest sources of the Mexican PRI, (expropriator and furiously anti-gringo), the nation the place he lived for therefore a few years.

In flip, Gaviria accepted such papayazo, as a result of he knew prematurely that Petro was attempting to alter his look reddish crimson of chavismo for a much less strident pink t-shirt. Therefore, he lent himself to the sport.

However, Petro was unaware that Gaviria had by no means modified his ideology, since he has been a liberal with integrity and devoted to his ideas, nor has he forgotten his dangerous behavior of pulling the chestnuts out of the hearth with another person’s hand. It is sufficient for us to point out some examples, of issues that Petro didn’t bear in mind, corresponding to Law 100, the Convivir, the financial opening, the Cathedral for Pablo Escobar and different barbarities that have been devised within the Gavirian authorities, however different characters, alive or useless, loaded with these INRI.

It is price an extra clarification, helpful on this electoral contest (see Las2orillas of Nov1/2018 The Las Convivir challenge was offered in the course of the Gavirian authorities and was reviewed by the Constitutional Court a number of occasions, then, blessed by the Samper authorities and a few years later, adopted by the then governor of Antioquia, Álvaro Uribe. Previously, the identical courtroom had stipulated that the individual chargeable for any violation of the Convivir can be the commander of the departmental army brigade in whose territory an extra was dedicated.

However, Petro and Cepeda have spent all this time blaming Álvaro Uribe for being the inventor of paramilitarism and the finger that moved all of the triggers. They have turned this fallacy into the DNA of the ideology of Petrista thought. For this cause, France’s blunder is inconceivable and unforgivable, of throwing overboard the primary sacred commandment of Petrismo: “you will hate Uribe above all things”, in the intervening time that it accuses Gaviria of being the dangerous man.

If Petro had remembered all these antecedents prematurely, absolutely he wouldn’t have risked enjoying ball with such a grasp of political manipulation.

Only till final week did the previous president come to find that the PH “is a policy of hatred, rage, pettiness and its language is incendiary” and nothing could possibly be extra pathetic than the letter wherein he made his break with Petro official, because it grew to become in a depth bomb that fell instantly into the engine room of the invincible battleship, splitting its construction in two in the midst of the storm. In the tip, each the candidate for president and the vice chairman ended up expressing themselves in two diametrically opposed languages, he in her convoluted Bogota and he or she in her colourful, unapologetic Afro-Caucanian.

What did Petro lose with the little ball he did not see?

  1. It misplaced credibility as a result of it innocently validated the Mockusian “anything goes.”
  2. He misplaced authority, as a result of he cracked the hierarchical construction of PH.
  3. He misplaced ideological readability, in the intervening time that France mercilessly trampled on “the first epistle of San Petro”.
  4. It misplaced the liberal sympathizers of the previous MRL.
  5. It misplaced the chance to make alliances, as a result of it scared the extra reasonable spiritual, financial and ethnic teams, with whom it had been finishing up negotiations below water.
  6. He misplaced that immense band of undecided liberals who believed that Gaviria had forgotten the social legacy inherited from López Pumarejo and have been already starting to belief the PH.

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