Plural Catalonia, by Manuel Peña

What Catalonia is plural is clear, though the political hegemony of the catalan nationalism has managed to disclaim the foremost and proceed, erre that erre, with the rattle of the differential truth of an identification collective and its language personal. This noisy and superb motion nonetheless doesn’t admit that the matter goes by neighborhoods and, if we want a bit of extra, it additionally goes by people.

Nothing new. People earlier than identities. Carlos Ruiz Zafón commented to Sergio Vila-Sanjuán in 2013 that if there was one factor he was clear about “it’s that what by no means modifications and can by no means change is human nature and that the world we stay in is nothing greater than the one all of us create and that’s A easy reflection of who we’rewith the nice and the unhealthy.” This lucid reflection closes a superb collective guide on nearly thirty biographies of Catalan women and men who handed the identification entice within the final 500 years.

Coordinated by Ricardo Garcia Jail Y Maria Angeles Perez Samperthe publishing home Cátedra has taken over from the mission Catalans within the historical past of Spainthe primary quantity of which was revealed by Ariel in 2020. Catalan semblances. Plural Catalonia in world Spain is the title of a second collection of biographies, particular person and collective, with which the tiresome reductionist imaginative and prescient of the historical past of Catalonia, to which the fervent and devoted nationalist followers proceed to subscribe, is as soon as once more overcome.

The guide is an instance of the sincere, serene, fixed and dedicated wrestle of twenty 5 historians Contrary to the classical thesis of fatalism dispute between Catalonia and Spain. The prepositional wager is evident. You have to beat the in opposition to and underline the on: Catalonia on Spainbecause the trainer amply demonstrated Pierre Villar.

The quantity begins with a chapter on the position of Catalan girls within the life and work of the commemorated Ignacio de Loyola, written by Rosa Alabrusand continues with that of the Countess Margarita de Erill within the monarchy of Philip IV, signed by Mariela Fargas. Very suggestive is the examine of Jose Luis Betran devoted to 3 outstanding Catalans disillusioned with the course of 1640. For readers caught within the simplistic interpretation of the Spain in opposition to Catalonia within the context of the War of Succession, the chapter on Pilar Sarria in regards to the profession of Pau Ignasi Dalmases, Austrian ambassador in London who, after September 11, 1714, turned into Bourbon.

There are many testimonies of ideological mobility or political pragmatismwhich reveal the large complexity of the identities of the intensive checklist of biographies (the Guellthe Gothic, Feliu de la Penya, Vicens Vives, Rius i Taulet, Domingo, Figueras, Montseny, D’Ors…). The chapter When the Catalans dominated the Spanish economic systemsigned by Gabriel Tortella, is a powerful portrait of the concavities of three key managers of financial improvement over the past Franco regime: Joan Sardá, Catalanist and Republican; Lucas Beltrán, former ERC adviser and unrepentant liberal; Fabián Estapé, affiliated with the CCOO and Undersecretary of State, amongst different distinguished positions.

The pages of this guide are additionally a vindication of the negotiation and harmonyadditionally a warning in regards to the limits of dialogue. The chapters devoted to Guillermo Díaz Plaja –studied by Marcelino Jimenez— or Ernest Lluch –signed by Javier Paniagua— are glorious examples of the mediation capability of quite a few Catalans in favor of coexistence amongst Spaniards.

Sergio Doria, based mostly on a technical remark made by his father (who was accountable for making certain that the cauldron was not lit within the opening ceremony of the Olympics), analyzes the sport of weaknesses the place the “impure flame” of democratic Spain was born. The dissection of the profiles of the Francoist Samaranch and the anti-Francoist Maragall –and their meetings– is a necessary chapter to recollect how the Barcelona of 92 was constructedan impure flame of harmony that was lit regardless of the failed boycott of Pujol and their puppies (the Sànchez, Forn…), bearers of the “flame of sectarianism [que] it is, almost always, very pure and totalitarian”.

The plural Catalonia collected in Catalan portraits It is a historic actuality various as palpable, it’s a journey by way of the lives of Catalans who –as the coordinators of the amount recall– had the chance to mission their very own experiences past the nationwide navel and, above all and most significantly, they did so independently, sure, however judiciously.

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