Privileged of a final that lacked soul

If the Real’s third cup title might be remembered for something, it’s, aside from the sporting success, for the absence of an viewers within the stands. The pandemic prevented La Cartuja from being a celebration with Real and Athletic followers. Only the footballers, the elements of the technical employees, a part of the administrators and a small group of chosen ones (kin, ex-players…) have been capable of witness such a milestone in txuri urdin historical past in situ.

Among the few followers who have been capable of ‘sneak in’ to witness the ultimate dwell have been David Juanmartiñena and Ion García, two passionate Real Madrid followers who toured the complete Peninsula to take pleasure in an evening to recollect. David explains that “initially they told us that there was a possibility that some Federation tickets would go on sale and that they could still be obtained. That route did not work and we were offered the possibility of staying in a hotel with views of the field that had a free room”. And neither of them hesitated: “We booked the room.”

The state of affairs was idyllic, however each David and Ion needed to endure till the final second to verify that they have been going to have the ability to watch the sport from their room: “There was a bit of a trap, because we didn’t know if they were going to put up a tarpaulin. That is why we kept it a secret until the date of the game, because if we started to move it and the Federation found out, they would still put the tarps on us”. The setting was perfect “with a fantastic room, with a huge terrace and wonderful views of the countryside.” However, each selected to have an alternate plan: “We reserved a table in the hotel restaurant, in case they put tarps in the rooms, but not in the cafeteria. There was suspense until the last moment.” David acknowledges that “you have to look for life. When you like the Real a lot and there are impediments, it’s time to give in to the imagination”.

Mixed emotions

The expertise was distinctive and so was the sport. “They have been combined emotions. Imagine a derby, a Copa del Rey last in Seville with an viewers. It would have been historic.” It was also the fact of watching a match behind closed doors live: “It’s a unique feeling, it’s like watching a training session. You hear all the screaming from the players.” He highlights that “those of us who like football, it was a unique opportunity”, particularly for “having the feeling of being the only ones who were there”.

How may it’s in any other case, the occasion had all the pieces. From a nook of the stadium, the place the lodge is situated, David and Ion vibrated throughout the 90 minutes. Not solely wanting on the subject of play, but additionally out of the nook of his eye on the tv display screen they’d within the room. “We were on the terrace and we put the TV facing the field”, with the intention of not lacking any element and to observe the controversial performs, which there have been. He doesn’t conceal that “I was watching the plays between the emotion, what you see on the field, what was on television…”.

But all that pressure was blown up when Mikel Oyarzabal scored the one objective of the sport: “The excessive level was Oyarzabal’s penalty. It was a complete excessive. We are left speechless.” Fortunately for the royalists, it was the first great celebration, although not the only one. The most awaited came with the final whistle, although it was incomplete: “You have a good time it as a result of the excessive is most, however you continue to must have a good time it with extra folks.”

For David it was the tip of a cup journey that took him to the Bernabéu, “the day I said we won the Cup”, to Miranda de Ebro and to Seville. Also to Becerril, on the best way to the ultimate, the place “we stopped and organized a tortilla contest.”

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