“Putin must be treated as a danger to humanity and isolated in perpetuity”

The world

“Russia massacres civilians as it withdraws from kyiv”. The photos are stunning.

“Moncloa is open to agreements with Feijóo’s PP but asks for proof of the “journey to the middle””. Evidence of the journey to the middle? The one who has to journey to the middle is the terrorist edge, separatist and ultra-leftist Pedo Sánchez. He walks they usually give him. Besides, he’s completed, he has left in Moncloa what it takes to name elections.

because it says Santiago Gonzalez, “the problem is that this pact is not in the hands of Feijóo, but rather in the obstinate and stubborn determination of Pedro Sánchez to understand only one way to establish agreements with the opposition: submission to their ideas and a single word in response to your whims: amen”. And if not, you are a far proper. Well, it is going to be no.

Federico Jimenez Losantos says that “every time a PP politician speaks of consensus, they ask him to prove it by handing over the CGPJ. It is the cotton test.” “Sánchez only negotiates with his own: unrepentant communists, separatists and ETA members, while greasing the audiovisual media that officiate as matchmakers or thugs, depending on the occasion. What is required of the PP is the acceptance of sanchismo as a form of state, not as one more government, perishable at the polls. The government of concentration that the civil servant right-wing dreams of was already formed by Sánchez with Garzón and his garzonettes to come to power. The PP must choose between accepting it or tearing it down.” Sánchez is a radical extremist who wants nothing to do with the PP. He is not a no.

Lucía Méndez says that “the chief of the PP can’t complain concerning the enthusiastic help of his occasion. But neither can he have a grievance concerning the reception that the State itself has given him. The Congress had not but completed and Feijóo already had an appointment set with the King and with the President of the Government. The State clears its agendas to obtain him with palms, in model. We have no idea what Pedro Sanchez He has on his agenda to advertise the State pacts for which the State yearns”. Sánchez? Of course we know. I want the CGPJ and that you support without question what he puts before you.

“In a match of sincerity, Feijóo acknowledges that he feels higher and extra comfy governing than opposing.” Everything indicates that it will be opposition for a very short time.

The country

First poll after Feijóo’s enthronement. “The socialists again down and the PP positive aspects momentum after the arrival of Feijóo”. “The benefit of the PSOE is decreased by half in a month and the group of the best is near absolutely the majority, based on the barometer of EL PAÍS and SER”. If the propaganda organ of the Sanchista regime says this, it means that it exceeds the absolute majority. Still, he is grasping at straws. “The survey was performed between March 22 and 28, when the Executive had not but introduced its plan of measures to include rising costs and the wave of protests carriers and farmers was at its peak”. The one who does not console himself is because he does not want to.

Anabel Díez, erre que erre, says that “the struggle has destabilized power costs, has unleashed inflation and has precipitated varied sectors, typically with conflicting pursuits, to stand up, which supplies motive to worry a disaster of depth”. What can be done with journalists who lie, and lie and lie shamelessly every day? Well, continue denying them day by day. Inflation was rampant before the war. Electricity prices hit record highs every day last summer. There is no more to do a review on Google.

“To discover options to it, the Government desires to hunt settlement with the social brokers and with Parliament”. To another dog with that bone. The president wants obedience to his order and command, he never seeks agreement. He neither asks, nor calls, nor agrees, he is the guy from this are lentils.

“The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, goes to demand one thing extra from the brand new chief of the PP than the straightforward request to scale back taxes within the welcome assembly that they may maintain nowadays within the Palacio de la Moncloa.” Now, give him the CGPJ. Feijóo should put as a condition that he expel the socialist and his former minister Dolores Delgado from the State Attorney General’s Office.

“The PSOE can be answerable for emphasizing that the federal government alliance between PP and Vox is assured if the left doesn’t add up.” Let him do it, the guy who agrees with the extreme left with whom he could not sleep, who agrees with Bildu’s supporters, never ever, I tell him as many times as he wants, who agrees with the Catalan coup plotters, he would never govern with separatists, etc etc etc Sánchez can shout at Vox, it doesn’t work, it was already seen in Madrid, in Castilla y León and in all the polls. Sanchista spokesmen should one day leave his gatherings and step on the street. That way they would find out about the hatred that Sánchez generates and the little fear that Vox inspires.


“War Crimes within the Russian Withdrawal”. ABC is outraged with the assassin Putin. “The tactical withdrawal of the Kremlin troops has allowed the West to look at carefully the barbarity practiced by Vladimir Putin’s troopers in opposition to the inhabitants of the cities they devastated throughout his marketing campaign of annihilation. They should not victims of a struggle, however carnal proof of a mass and serial homicide,” reads a horrified editorial. “The free world is obliged to isolate the Russian regime in perpetuity and deal with it as a hazard to humanity, beginning with a UN from whose Security Council any consultant of Putin should disappear.”

“The keys to the brand new group chart of the PP: a celebration the place the barons could have loads to say”. Ignacio Camacho gives advice to the quiet man. “The PP candidate has promised a “calm change”, accountable, respectful, with out insults or shouting, however that needed mannequin is just not incompatible with a sure dose of combative spirit. And in principle he has sufficient expertise and talent to know that in his brand-new process, you aren’t getting wherever with out displaying fangs”. At least not in Madrid, where there are televisions like La Sexta, whose only meaning of existence is to crush the PP.

Jose Maria Carrascal who also has Sánchez and his media choir open, warns of Sánchez’s trap, who will demand as always “that he surrender the assistance of the ‘excessive proper’, that’s, Vox.” If not, we will have to put up with the usual refrain, ultra, etc. “The method to keep away from falling into the entice, nevertheless, could be very simple: all you need to do is make a counteroffer: for Sanchez to resign from governing with the help not solely of Podemos, but in addition of the remainder of Frankenstein, from the independentists to the successors of ETA, going via those that search to develop into Taifa kingdoms and reject the Monarchy”. And also breaking his pact with Bildu in Navarra. Why not?

José Peláez says, you have to have courage, that “moderation was Casado, who didn’t agree with Vox. Feijóo’s PP agrees with Vox in Castilla y León, it would accomplish that in Andalusia if it will possibly and, after all, in Madrid.” I don’t quite understand what’s wrong with this man. Casado agreed with Vox to abstain from him in Andalusia, in Castilla y León, in Murcia and in Madrid before Ayuso swept away. Feijóo has not agreed with Vox in Galicia. And what has happened in Castilla y León is totally attributable to Casado, who forced Mañueco to bring forward the elections because, in his obsession with Ayuso, he believed that the PP was going to devastate as the president did in Madrid. He was wrong, as in everything.

This peculiar columnist says that the PP has no choice but to agree with Vox. “And since he has no different, it’s time to cease dishonest his voters and taking part in in worlds that don’t exist. This is what it’s: Feijóo and Abascal are working for election as companions in a potential coalition and it’s one thing reliable. But it isn’t average.” It seems that the only moderate thing here is what José Peláez says. The Country would welcome him with open arms. And Ferreras is already taking a long time to take him to his gatherings.

The reason

“Feijóo seeks a worldwide pact on the economic system and to resume the CGPJ”. The editorial views it with “scepticism”. “It doesn’t appear that it’s potential to achieve an understanding of the State, a minimum of, whereas the populist left continues on the desk of the Council of Ministers. On the opposite hand, and except there’s a true will to agree on the a part of the Government, the change within the presidency of the Popular Party can’t imply any renunciation of the function of opposition, which, amongst different duties, requires not supporting mistaken political selections. Of course, from good parliamentary manners”. Pedro Sánchez does not know what an agreement is, he only knows how to govern from the imposition

Jose Antonio Vera it is very clear. “Sánchez already is aware of that Feijóo goes to be president of the Government.” Silly is not. “It’s not going to be simple, as a result of it is going to be troublesome for voters who’re satisfied of Abascal to help him. And there are a lot of.” The same thing is enough that he does not insult them, which is what Casado has been doing. He asked for their vote and then he insulted them. “The dire circumstances of the nation, nevertheless, will play in favor of the helpful vote, so it’s logical that the brand new president of the PP manages to prevail on the polls as probably the most voted checklist.”

It says Carmen Morodo that “the PP anxiously awaits the primary polls of the Feijóo period”. “The Galician politician has picture, backed by electoral outcomes that right this moment are distinctive in Spanish politics. Madrid’s politics with out guidelines is a risk to that good picture, not used to being subjected to ‘the pack’. But the endorsement of his profession and his outcomes restrict the flexibility of “the pack” to weaken him within the early phases of the sport”. The energy of the media pack ought to by no means be underestimated.

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