Revocation of mandate: Ricardo Anaya asks Mexicans not to vote in the revocation of the mandate

Qualifying the revocation of the mandate as “a sung fraud”, the previous presidential candidate, Ricardo Anaya, requested the residents to not exit and vote on April 10.

It is no coincidence that they did not give the INE the necessary resources, that they have changed the question to favor López Obrador, and just a week ago also the law to be able to use public resources and promote consultation. In addition, they are already threatening the beneficiaries of social programs to vote for the president,” was a part of what Anaya stated via social networks.

“It is a legitimate form of participation. Show our rejection by not attending”

Anaya assured that “this fraud is a very old trick”, and one of many favourite “traps” of “authoritarians” reminiscent of Hugo Chávez in Venezuela and Evo Morales in Bolivia, who “promoted the same type of consultation, the same trap, the same words “.

Ricardo Anaya identified that if the session reaches a excessive stage of participation, it may grow to be the prelude to extending López Obrador’s time period past the six-year time period.

Due to the above, he reiterated that it’s best to not vote on April 10: “It is a legitimate form of participation. Show our rejection by not attending.”

“These are my reasons, and I respect if you think differently, what is very important is that we do not allow processes like this to divide us, because that is basically what López Obrador wants, to fight us among Mexicans. Let no one be confused , the anger is not between us,” he concluded, and reiterated that in 2024 he’ll search the presidency.



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