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The world is plunged right into a hidden battle, on whose fronts there isn’t a hearth and no victims are noticed falling. It is a situation produced to the bewilderment of probably the most intelligent and structured in such a means that figuring out the actual contenders is an inconceivable process.

Supported by a state-of-the-art expertise system whose ins and outs we regular beings can by no means strategy, our bodily areas, our perceptions of actuality and our potential to grasp are invaded within the face of an image riddled with conceptual traps. Human relationships have additionally entered into this perverse sport of assumptions and fears made on objective, making it much more troublesome to apply good sense.

Perhaps our dependence on expertise and international communications has taken away a great a part of our analytical capability, that potential that in good universities confronted us with the duty of separating —intellectually— the chaff from the grain.

Today we’re conditioned to swallow the entire tablet of what’s elaborated by probably the most refined facilities of energy, with the aim of believing. Just like that. Believing in truths about which we all know nothing. Believing within the goodness of the “good” and within the evil of the “bad”, with out even approaching the sources of these certainties, simply as Hollywood would have us imagine in a bipolar world, the place good was all the time on one aspect .

That urge to imagine might be embedded in our DNA, due to the benefit with which we have a tendency to reply to tips of speech. Questioning every thing is taken into account an indication of revolt incompatible with social values ​​and good civic conduct. Obedience is imposed as exemplary conduct from the establishments thought-about “noble”, equivalent to spiritual and army doctrines, from whose facilities submission and struggle are sanctified. In each, heroism is linked to demise. War, then, turns into an act bordering on divinity.

This system of ideological imposition through which the hemispheres of the planet have been submerged solely produces victims. The area of communications, with its explanation for lack of confidence within the credibility of journalistic discourse and knowledge, has grow to be one of many worst types of dictatorship. While they inform us the story of freedom and democracy, they take away our freedom to entry these supreme values, imposing methods of inequity and subjecting the individuals to regimes devoid of alternatives, condemned to maintain the pyramid of energy.

The enigma posed for the way forward for Humanity is, then, inconceivable to decipher. When a single man – as is the case with Elon Musk – has the fabric potential to supply to finish world starvation utilizing his private fortune, we should always be capable of analyze that reality with sufficient sagacity to differentiate its implicit monstrosity and never admire such a hoarding of wealth.

Programmed to imagine within the phrase of those that have higher energy and in those that reproduce their speeches, deep down we all know that this communicational universe is a mirrored image of the concrete world, with its truths and falsehoods, with its benefits and dangers. Learning to navigate it’s a new and complex train, particularly since it’s an unavoidable useful resource for survival.

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