The ballots of the revocation to the pyre

Let me let you know: for this Palm Sunday’s session, 100 million ballots have been printed. With a register of 92,823,216 voters, such a forecast from the INE was foreseeable.

The newest knowledge on the shut of this version – that is what the newspapers mentioned in my time – say that 16,336,886 went to vote. (Forgive me for excluding myself and with that I assume the derision that such blasphemy provokes me).

That signifies that as of at present, 83,663,114 ballots shall be destroyed (learn, burned). Who misplaced in all this?

President Don Andrés Manuel certainly mentioned this Monday -in his words- that, in fact, he didn’t.

Last evening, Mario Delgado, the nationwide president of Morena, mentioned that neither was his social gathering, within the midst of pure lengthy faces amongst which the ignominy of Epigmenio stood out behind him. The “bots” embodied in outrageous, euphoric and unbridled defenders of Don Andrés Manuel, much less so. You need names of the most important losers?

There they go. Giddy Up!

Gilberto Lozano, Pedro Ferriz de Con, Loret papa, Javier Livas and all those that obtained concerned in a fratricidal battle throughout the guild of the opposition to the 4T authorities.

They harangued from all their fronts for us to go vote.

With that they lent themselves -without realizing it or worse nonetheless, realizing it- to the separatist sport of Don Andrés Manuel in his eagerness to use the traditional precept of “divide and conquer”.

A good friend posted this in one of many many chats wherein he’s concerned, or the place they put him: “How are the Ferriz de Con, the Lozanos, the Loret father, the Livas, etc., going to justify embarking on a sector of the population to make the dark-skinned obtain a false percentage… that despite all those illegally transported they obtained a miserable percentage of the electoral roll? The free fall was already anticipated. Waste of effort and waste. What a piece of paper!”

Among the losers are additionally those that went to vote in such a grotesque disguised as a “festival of democracy.”

What they anticipated can be a binding end result -40% of the electoral roll- barely reached 17.6% And the joke that solely the blind or the hallucinated don’t see is that 91.1% supported Don Andrés Manuel.

I agree with Salvador Borrego: this has been probably the most p3nd3jo propaganda spending in historical past.

They have been warned that what occurred yesterday was an “electoral war practice” by Morena and her hindrances with a view to the elections – sure, actually – that there shall be this 12 months in six entities, the upcoming one within the State of Mexico and people of the 2024.

The worst factor is that mentioned essay was paid for by us, even by these of us who don’t lend ourselves to such a lure, deception, mockery or farce.

It value us greater than $1,500 million pesos that WE DON’T HAVE for that completely pointless nonsense, as a result of Mr. Andrés Manuel was elected for six years and solely the insecure are asking or consulting if we nonetheless need him to proceed.

I subscribe to what Jorge Luis Borges mentioned a few years in the past: “Democracy is a widespread superstition, it is an abuse of statistics.”

Mario Delgado, the final straw

Showing off the brazen hauling he incurred, Mario Delgado solely deserves these phrases from Voltaire: “He who reveals the secret of others is a traitor; he who reveals a secret of his is an imbecile.”

How about this one from George Bernard Shaw: “If you cheat and lose, I can’t help but think you’re an idiot.”

Or this one which I heard in the future from a sure divorced man who wandered like a misplaced soul in a sure social membership in San Pedro Garza “Treviño” -excuse me, from San Pedro Garza García-: “Things are so unhealthy that when my spouse left with one other I wished to go together with them”.

So, to Mario Delgado, to the ignominy of Epigmenio and to the remainder of Morena’s “characters” who gave the squalid press convention on Sunday evening to announce their victory, I say: they received, boys, the president stays, I do not perceive these lengthy faces.

And if you happen to enable me, a query to Damián Alcázar, the outrageous defender of the López Obrador causes and who, being a multi-member deputy who was additionally a Morenoite member of the primary Constituent Assembly of CDMX, resigned after his many absences to go and act within the sequence “Narcos”:

Have you seen the film “The Law of Herod”? I confess that I’m having lots of enjoyable with all this.

blended bag

“Me too,” confesses the identical irreverent of my Gaby.

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