The Chivas shirt weighs more than Cruz Azul’s: Yayo de la Torre

Eduardo ‘Yayo’ de la Torrea former skilled soccer participant, gave his opinion about him match most essential of Day 14 of the Closing 2022, the place the Chivas will go to Cruz Azul on the sector of the Azteca Stadium, a recreation that each arrive at after painful defeats.

for Yayo, the disaster that the Sacred Flock is experiencingwhich compelled the board to chop the method of Marcelo Michel Leaño after falling with Monterrey, have to the field of Chivas extra pressured than Cruz Azulwhich comes from being eradicated from the Concachampions by the Pumas.

“Chivas (arrives under more pressure), the Cruz Azul is only from the last two weeks. But Chivas arrives with various types of pressure by results, the place in the general table and the performance”, he declared for MARCA Claro.

It is due to this disaster,

at this second the Chivas shirt has extra weight than the Cruz Azul

within the opinion of the previous celestial director.

Right now it weighs a little more (the shirt) Chivas because there are fewer arguments to justify thingstalking about future possibilities and that sooner or later, represents an influence within the team. Three or four years ago the Cruz Azul weighed more for that nneed to be champion that overwhelmed the institution. Moments play a lot in that aspect,” he mentioned.

De la Torre gave his opinion on the present affairs of the rojiblancos, affirming that the workforce wants a long-term challenge and never simply occupied with qualifying within the present event.

“ANDn Chivas always works for the current championship thinking that qualifying is going to solve the root of the problem of this equipment. Guadalajara, due to its circumstance of having Mexican cigars, you need a long-term project; even if he sacrifices the current championship. It needs structure that can give it roots. They have to invest time to form a structure.”

For having an excellent future, Chivas additionally want a technician who likes to work on tasks profitable for medium and long run.

technician neededwhat you like the results in the medium and long termwho is not afraid to play with many young people, who knows how to work with those in charge of basic forces (…), a highly disciplined coach. Beyond whether he was already a champion or not with another team, “defined the Fox Sports analyst immediately.

Finally, Yayo was clear in mentioning that if the Flock qualifies the large occasion, it might be a hoaxbecause the gear would stay as it’s.

“Saving the tournament by qualifying is cheating. It’s giving the fans a placebo. If saving means you’re going to stay the same, I’d rather not qualify. There are times when a big failure makes you change course and is worth more than it supposedly saves a tournament,” he concluded.

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