“The Game of Keys” breaks monogamy through fun

Silvia Garcia Herraez

Madrid, Apr 12 (EFE).- Director Vicente Villanueva reformulates the idea of monogamy and couple relationships by a brand new have a look at amorous affairs in his new comedian movie “The Game of the Keys” that arrives this Wednesday to theaters with the purpose of “entertaining people and showing a different concept of love”.

This traditional comedy of entanglements is the movie adaptation of the Mexican sequence of the identical title created by Marisa Quiroga for Amazon Prime Video. The scriptwriter Marta Buchaca has been accountable for changing the eight chapters of the primary season of this 2019 sequence right into a 105-minute movie.

“It is a faithful version, but at the same time very different from the original fiction,” Villanueva advised Efe in an interview. Our problem is to take that script and make it our personal, giving it our character, in an indigenous manner, and turning it into a special characteristic movie”. For her half, Tamar Novas stresses that “there is a lot of Spanish humour, which is far from Latin American”.

“The Game of Keys” tells the story of Laura (Eva Ugarte), a lady who has lived with Antonio (Ricard Farré) all her life and simply when she begins to surprise if that is actually the life she desires, Sergio (Fernando Guallar ) and Siena (Justina Bustos) cross paths of their lives. Sergio is a former highschool classmate and Siena, his “millennial” girlfriend, arrive to revolutionize everybody’s lives.

Laura, Raquel (Miren Ibarguren) and Cris (María Castro), shut pals for years, persuade their respective husbands, Antonio, Quique (Novas) and Dani (Dani Tatay), to play a sport proposed by Siena: The sport of the keys.

The sport consists of placing the keys in a bowl, and at random, every one chooses one, the proprietor of the keys should spend the night time with the one who has taken mentioned keys. “A priori it seems harmless and feasible because of the trust that their long friendship gives them, but in the end it ends up becoming a trap,” says Guallar, who confesses that he wouldn’t truly play this sport with pals, “it might appear to be incest to me complete”, he provides between laughs.

The title additionally seeks to mirror how couple relationships have modified lately: “Now there is room for different ways of understanding love. The film breaks with monogamy, which is apparently correct for society, but deep down, it is now being seen that open relationships also work”, says Castro.

Unlike different productions much like this one, which contact on the themes of associate swapping, open relationships or polyamory, “The Game of Keys” delves primarily into the sexual illustration of girls: “It is good to see ladies in fiction speaking about intercourse between them as yet one more subject”, defends Bustos.

“I think we are at a time when female sexuality is being normalized. The Satisfyer has also revolutionized female masturbation in two years, it has normalized that concept, breaking with certain mentalities. Making it natural for women to talk about sex was what we needed, it helps to empathize and show that it is something spontaneous”, particulars Ugarte.

Likewise, the movie additionally breaks with that generational taboo through which solely if you’re younger are you able to get pleasure from intercourse or that after a sure age you not have sexual relations.

“At a certain age, human beings seem to have to park the motorcycle in that sense, and it seems to me that, through movies, more information that we have or social networks, I think that having sexual relations until the end of life is being normalized. your days”, says Ibarguren. EFE



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