The mandate revocation consultation “is a sung fraud”, says Ricardo Anaya

The fourth motive that the PAN member gave for not taking part within the session is as a result of he stated, “within the 4 elections that López Obrador has misplaced, he has by no means accepted a defeatHe’s not going to do it now.”

Finally, the fifth motive is as a result of he stated, “in the unlikely event that he accepts a loss, do you know who takes his place? The person chosen by the Morena deputies. That’s the law. Just imagine the instability and the character that could remain. And to finish grinding it out, this whole farce costs a fortune. So, going out to vote is validating that dump of money that is needed for other things, such as medicines, hospitals, schools, scholarships.”

I’m satisfied that the very best factor is just to not vote on April 10″

Ricardo Anaya.

For what he insisted, “a legitimate form of participation. Show our rejection by not attending.”

In the video, Anaya additionally recalled the historic precedent of 1976, when “in the face of a presidential election that was also a fraud,” the opposition determined to “empty” one other López, José López Portillo.

“No other candidate registered. He was left alone on the ballot, as the only candidate. And in the long run, not having endorsed that charade was for the best. And this time not endorsing López’s farce is also the best thing,” he identified.

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