The other contestant on ‘Challenge: The Box’ who would know about Ossa’s cheating

Beta takes the third victory of the cycle consecutively and is the option to take the 12 million pesos prize.  Taken from Canal Caracol live
Beta takes the third victory of the cycle consecutively and is the choice to take the 12 million pesos prize. Taken from Canal Caracol stay

A few days in the past a relatively advanced scenario occurred within the ‘Challenge: The Box‘, as a result of the expulsion of the participant Andrés Ossawho was found by the manufacturing consuming substances which are prohibited for the event of the competitors.

According to what was acknowledged by the person from Antioquia, being with out meals, with out providers or comforts, made him really feel that no person in this system cared about his well being and that the therapy of the challengers is “inhuman”, for which he determined to devour protein powder, despite the fact that he and his group might solely eat offal.

“I let myself be tempted to see that they left certain elements in the house and I did not think about it clearly. Excuse me, but it is clear that my action was not the best, “she added at the time.

The departure of the Antioquian represented a severe blow to Betahis team, considering that he was one of the strongest and most outstanding contestants, as he had shown through the chapters.

However, the controversy over what was the second expulsion in the history of the ‘Challenge’ has not only surrounded Ossa but also splashed Stephanie Villadiegowho told his partner that Andrea Serna was going home to look for the proteins that he had been consuming.

“I swear to you that at no time did I see him take that protein, because he did it standing up and with his back to us. Suddenly someone could have seen it from the side, ”stated the defiant to all these current who suspected if another person was concerned in what occurred.

But Villadiego’s explanation did not satisfy the rest of his teammates, as some like Moisés Sanmartín were angry with what had been done and they think that the expulsion did not occur because Ossa cheated only oncebut they are sure that the trap was made on several occasions.

Even “Valkyria” (whose real name is Andrea Carolina Olaya) questioned the actions of the defiant paisa and warned the rest of the Beta group that if they plan to continue breaking the rules, they will not find a support or an accomplice in it.

For now, viewers of “Challenge: The Box” continue to monitor the development of the competition and hope that, if it is found that Stephany Villadiego knew of such behavior, she will also be sanctioned for violating the rules of the game.

The truth is that now Beta will have to face the game with one less competitor and, according to the progress of the program, two cycles are coming in which only women will be sentenced, since Ossa’s expulsion changed the course of the game.

“Forgive me for having disappointed you, forgive me for having disappointed me and for having disappointed the people of Antioquia. If they are angry with me, I understand it, ”said the athlete, who incidentally took advantage and apologized to his family and to himself, although he said that he still has not forgiven himself.

In the same way, he mentioned that despite the bad experiences he would change anything to return to the Challenge and that it was one of the best times of his life, because in addition to the physical tests in the competition their minds are put to the test, he learned “classes and issues to appropriate”.


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