These are the scholarly battles that animate Tuesday nights in Benimaclet

VALENCIA. The Farándulas method their heads to the middle of the desk and deliberate in whispers. They scan their reminiscence, formulate hypotheses and share arguments with a severe and targeted expression. Time flies; They solely have a few minutes to put in writing their reply on the paper template earlier than jojo garciaMaster of ceremonies, transfer on to the following query.

It’s Tuesday and we’re within the already well-known Tulsa Triviaa well-liked residence model of the basic Trivial Pursuit board recreation that has been gaining reputation in Valencia till it has change into a small social phenomenon that packs the Tulsa bar within the Benimaclet neighborhood. It all began ten years in the past when Joanjo returned from Barcelona to review oppositions in Valencia, the town of his delivery. “I decided to import the idea of ​​a collective game of general culture that he had known at the La Tapilla Sistina bar in Barcelona, ​​which was very successful. I began to devise the format and prepare the first questions during my rest days from the oppositions”, tells us this 44-year-old trainer and author, writer of novels resembling How will we stroll the night time (Enric Valor Award 2012, The entire earth is fabricated from glass (Antoni Bru Narrative Award) and The temps is lied (City of Alzira Award, 2015). “My main source of information to write the questions is Wikipedia, and it is not an easy task because the questions are never repeated and people demand that there be a very high level of difficulty.”

After adjusting the preliminary format by eradicating the points that labored the least and including others, the Trivial that’s at the moment performed consists of 4 rounds of ten questions every. First, formulate these of currentafter these of common traditionthen the pro-questions (probably the most troublesome but) and eventually a bit by which the individuals have to seek out out, from an audio, which film does a dialogue belong to or which artist does a tune belong to. Joanjo, standing subsequent to a projector, reads the questions aloud and launches photographs for those who require recognizing the writer of a portray, the aerial view of a metropolis or a sure character (for instance, a childhood picture of Ratzinger).


“Which character (most controversial in the seua època) is Marx going to say that he was the first German economist, donats els seus studies on usury and loans?” (Luther) “Which city, known as one of the Olympic Games, was founded in 1835 by a king of the Savoy dynasty after the merger of vile dues? (Albertville). Let’s say that the level of demand is high –“more than in television contests such as Know and Win and High Voltage”- and it requires not solely data however the skill to infer and work as a staff. “Many questions require sorting, matching and even deciphering the textual content to seek out out what precisely is being requested. They are designed to encourage collective participation”, explains Joanjo, who has a decade dedicating an average of eight hours a week to this personal hobby which has become an important facet in the social life of many people. “There are {couples} who met right here and now have youngsters collectively,” he says. Almost everyone knows each other here and, although there is a lot of competition, the atmosphere is one of great cordiality and fair play. For example, it is not necessary to control that nobody cheats by looking at the mobile. It is something that does not happen. I think this Trivial succeeds because you do something different with your friends. As we leave childhood and become adults, we lose the habit of playing with friends, which is something very important.”.

There are many players who have faithfully followed the Trivial wherever it has been held throughout all these years. It began in El racó de la Corbella, located in Plaza de El Pilar; later it moved to a venue in the Ruzafa neighbourhood, to later move to the Musical, in Benimaclet, where they never dropped below eighty participants. For several years, the home of Trivial is the Tulsa.

The number of teams is unlimited to cover the capacity of the venue, but there must not be more than eight players in each of them. The entrance to the event -for which it is advisable to reserve a place in advance through Tulsa’s Facebook page- has a price of 5 euros: three of them are for the consumption, another one for the financing of the project and the last one for the prize. The team that wins wins the pot; an amount that does not usually give for much more than a few rounds of beers. But it doesn’t matter, because here the main motivation is the demonstration of skill and knowledge.

Very intelligent, cultured people with a high level of self-demand

“The player profile is quite specific -explains Joanjo-. They are very intelligent people, very curious and with a very broad and varied cultural level. They come from college students to retirees. Let’s say the average age is about 40 years, and the most abundant professional profile is that of university professors and teachers in general”. “The game is taken very seriously, and if someone notices something that doesn’t fit them in a question, they dig whatever it takes to check it for themselves after the game is over. If you have to download the Canadian Constitution to verify a fact and settle an argument, download it” (laughs).


Next to the bar, the “Sense Vergonya” desk stands out, recognized for the succulent home-cooked dinners that they bring about in Tupperware to devour whereas they play (those that do the most effective, wow). At the desk closest to the door of the premises are the Morralla, veterans and troublesome to win. It is made up, amongst different individuals, of two professors from the Faculty of Economics (one from Mathematics and the opposite from Finance), a chemist and a well being employee.

At the desk of the Farándulas we discover a translator, a Finance professor from the Faculty of Economics, a graduate in History who works as a trainer in a concerted middle and a employee from the Ministry of Education. “We met here, at the Trivial. In fact, we belonged to other teams at the beginning. It is common for some groups to mutate and disappear, so that the remaining players join other teams, ”he explains. “Our strong point is the humanities; the sciences come out well for us, but especially when a colleague who is a physicist comes. Our Achilles heel is perhaps the last round of movies and songs, because our experts in the field have not been able to come for a while. Observing the concern-tinged sportsmanship they display after letting a response off the tip of their tongue slip by, we asked them: Do you consider yourselves very self-demanding? “Hmmm, yes, really. Since I was little”, solutions certainly one of them. Everyone agrees and acknowledges that many occasions they take their errors residence, ruminating what their deductive steps ought to have been; attempting to find the error to right it the next Tuesday.

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