They made ‘cheats’ with an earpiece and a microcamera to be a local police officer in Tenerife

Local police in Tenerife
On the web, presents of the sort of materials abound, which might have been used to cheat when aspiring to be a Local Police in Tenerife.

The good ear of a member of the court docket constituted by the City Council of Tacoronte to pick out seven new native police found a potential plot to falsify them due to technological advances, since there may be proof that somebody from outdoors the room not solely sang the solutions, however even had a imaginative and prescient of what was occurring contained in the room. To do that, they used a cellphone, a earpiece and no less than one micro digital camera.

As the mayor himself, José Daniel Díaz, confirmed to this newspaper yesterday, the occasions passed off final Tuesday afternoon on the municipal House of Culture through the checks in query, which have been lastly suspended when the aforementioned member of the court docket (made up of officers and technicians, even from different municipalities and islands) managed to listen to a whisper coming from one of many baggage put aside in a nook of stated room, then again fairly giant. “Imagine the surprise when it was discovered that that barely audible sound came from a mobile phone that had been on an active call for several minutes,” explains the mayor.

Listening to what was stated on the cellular “it was verified that they were giving the answers to the exam with such precision that they even made indications of the type ‘turn the page’, so it is clear that, in some way, the person from the outside I could see what was going on inside.”

Thus, it’s apparent that somebody not solely obtained the solutions by a hidden earpiece, however absolutely carried a micro-camera that allowed the supposedly dishonest exterior advisor to know the questions that had been requested. The mayor provides another piece of knowledge: “The member of the court chose to cancel the call, but the mobile immediately recovered communication from the outside.”

Who benefited? “I have ordered the preparation of an exhaustive report to proceed accordingly,” Diaz revealed, “but we know that, as soon as what was happening was discovered, one of the candidates abandoned the test, excusing himself that he was ill.”

This is the place the assertion issued yesterday by a union, the Central Union of Independent Officials (CSI-F), comes into play, and wherein it’s identified that the potential plot (found due to the great workplaces of the Tacoronte City Council) might have an effect on three different native firms in Tenerife.

Thus, the CSI-F assures that “it seems that the identical opponent has obtained scores very near 10 within the choice processes, additionally of entry locations to Local Police our bodies, 5 locations within the Güímar City Council or three locations within the Municipality of Buenavista del Norte.

Even the principle cause for the union’s assertion is to alert the City Council of La Laguna about these occasions, since stated opponent can also be listed as a candidate within the subsequent checks to include one other 41 native law enforcement officials within the City of Los Adelantados.

Mayor Díaz: “We will repeat the tests, but with inhibitors”

“We have contacted the University of La Laguna to repeat the exam, but this time we will have frequency inhibitors that prevent events like these.” The mayor of Tacoronte, José Daniel Díaz, has taken measures in order that the brand new native law enforcement officials are one of the best, not probably the most dishonest 

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