This is the complete chronology of the Zelda saga

The Zelda sequence chronology It is a kind of issues that’s obscure if they do not clarify it to you, and it’s that there’s not a single timeline: from one of the crucial well-known video games within the saga, 3 branches come up that pressure the participant to know what precisely is occurring in every title.

Here we’re going to clarify what’s the actual order during which you must play the titles if you wish to benefit from the occasions of the Zelda universe in chronological order.

Complete chronology of the Zelda saga

We are going to go by elements, as a result of as it is possible for you to to test within the picture under from Ocarina of time the factor is tousled noses.

Complete chronology of the Zelda saga

This is the entire chronology of the saga

Until Ocarina of Time

The first 4 units that settle the bases of the saga are the next:

  • Skyward Sword (Wii and Switch): This is the title that begins all of it. Humanity lives within the sky, and within the sport we’re launched to the Goddess Hylia, Link and the everlasting cycle of the hero, which justifies all of the video games within the saga.
  • The Minish Cap (GBA): At the extent of historical past, it doesn’t contribute a lot. However, it’s a sport with a really enjoyable mechanic (Link’s dimension change), so give it a attempt.
  • Four Swords (GBA): one other title that doesn’t contribute a lot and that was carefully linked to multiplayer.
  • Ocarina of Time (N64 and 3DS): This is crucial turning level within the Zelda saga. From this sport, 3 short-term traces come up based on what occurs on the finish of the sport.
Complete Chronology of the Zelda Ocarina of Time Saga

From Ocarina the factor goes from mom A LOT

Basically, as of Ocarina of Time we’ve 3 timelines:

  1. Link is defeated and Ganon triumphs.
  2. Link succeeds and stays a little boy (The Holy Kingdom remains to be protected).
  3. Link triumphs and stays as grownup (Ganon is sealed.)

Line the place Link is defeated

The titles included on this timeline are the next:

  • A Link to the Past (SNES): This is the primary sport that takes place within the timeline the place Ganon managed to defeat Link and obtain his targets. The occasions of the title happen a few years later, however within the sport itself Link undoes a lot of Ganon’s injury by utilizing the Triforce.
  • Oracle of Seasons and Ages (GBC): Two of our favourite video games of all time. The occasions happen after A Link to the Past, and within the sport Link has already been capable of defeat Ganon as soon as.
  • A Link Between Worlds (3DS): Although the group agrees to position it on this timeline, the truth is that the sport has loads of lore that additionally impacts different timelines. One of the most effective to know particulars in regards to the Zelda universe.
  • Tri Force Heroes (3DS): one other multiplayer sport that you would be able to safely skip as a result of it provides VERY little to the lore.
  • The Legend of Zelda (NES): The first Zelda for the NES takes place on this darkish timeline. Hyrule is overrun with monsters, with its total inhabitants decimated, and Link is the one one who can make things better by killing Ganon.
  • The Adventure of Link (NES): takes place 3 years after the unique Zelda, and mainly Link should cease Ganon from being resurrected.
Complete chronology of the Zelda 2 saga

One of the most effective Link video games in prime view

Link defeats Ganon and stays a baby.

The titles included on this timeline are the next:

  • Majora’s Mask (N64 and 3DS): One of the fan favourite titles. The most attention-grabbing factor in regards to the sport on the story stage is that Link momentarily leaves Hyrule to save lots of Termina from Majora’s Mask. At the tip of the sport, he returns to Hyrule and joins the Hylian military.
  • Twilight Princess (Gamecube and Wii): Let us keep in mind that on this timeline the Sacred Kingdom had been protected. Prior to this sport, Ganon is executed, though throughout the sport we face him once more. Despite killing him once more, he returns reincarnated, so we’ve a villain for some time.
  • Four Swords Adventure (Gamecube): In this unknown Gamecube title we’ve two villains as a substitute of 1, and each Ganon and Vaati are resurrected. As you may think about, they find yourself being killed, so on the lore stage issues are usually not very attention-grabbing.
twilight princess

We like Twilight Princess A LOT, each story-wise and gameplay-wise

Link defeats Ganon and stays as an grownup.

The titles included on this timeline are the next:

  • Wind Waker (Gamecube and Wii U): earlier than the occasions of Wind Waker (and after being sealed Ganon), he finally ends up resurrecting, and Hyrule is totally flooded to attempt to cease him. This is how this title begins, during which Ganon is resurrected and during which we transfer by boat by completely different islands. We are a younger Link who has grown up listening to the tales of Link from Ocarina of Time, the savior of the world.
  • Phantom Hourglass (DS): After the tip of Wind Waker, Link and Tetra go looking for a brand new continent. Thus begins a sport that takes place (largely) in a dream, and that you would be able to skip with out an excessive amount of struggling.
  • SpiritTracks: Before Spirit Tracks it seems that Tetra and Link are profitable of their quest, as a brand new continent is discovered and a brand new kingdom of Hyrule is based. 100 years after Phantom Hourglass this title begins during which Ganon possesses the primary villain. It is the tip of this timeline.
Complete Chronology of the Zelda Wind Waker Saga

Games exterior the time traces / with out inserting

This final part has one thing of a trick, and it’s that right here you’ll find video games that, for varied causes, don’t match into any of the above classes:

  • Link’s Awakening (GB and Switch): This title, which has a implausible remake for the Nintendo hybrid console, is often positioned in Link’s defeat lane, though Nintendo itself says that it can be positioned in any lane during which Link has defeated Ganon. At the lore stage it doesn’t contribute a lot, however it’s a very cool expertise.
  • Breath of the Wild (Wii U and Switch): probably the greatest video games within the saga and in historical past. Although its belonging to the timeline of the defeated Link remains to be being mentioned, because it happens 10,000 years after Ganon’s final defeat, it doesn’t matter the place it’s, as a result of it’s an impartial sport in itself.
  • Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity (Switch): There is loads of dialogue about whether or not it ought to be counted as a essential saga installment or not, though on the lore stage the one factor it does is discover what occurred within the occasions previous to Breath of the Wild.
  • Breath of the Wild 2 (Switch): This title nonetheless in growth can be not cataloged in any timeline, however we do know that it takes place shortly after the occasions of Breath of the Wild.
breath of the wild

And with this, you have already got all of the video games of the saga positioned.

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