Trek to Yomi Review

In December 2021, we obtained the announcement of Trek to Yomia side-scrolling sport from the hand of Flying Wild Hog, the creators Shadow Warrior, and is revealed by Return Digital, the specialists at releasing indie video games with a novel twist. Although the sport has an Asian theme, what’s particular about it’s its aesthetics of black and white cinema with a Feudal Japan setting.

The title is a tribute to Akira Kurosawa’s traditional movies, reminiscent of his emblematic The seven samurai. Trek to Yomi would not disguise its influences with chamber of shadow kinds, the aforementioned black and white type, and dueling swords. If there must be an award for indie of the yr, this can be a sturdy contender.

A journey to the afterlife

Trek to Yomi Review

Trek to Yomi, would come to translate as a visit to the underworld. And it’s that, in keeping with the lore of the sport and Japanese folklore itself, Yomi is the phrase to explain the land of the lifeless. This place is referred to all through the sport immediately or not directly

Leaving this clear, we transfer on to what its plot is. The protagonist Hiroki is coaching together with his sword grasp, Sanjuro, educating him vital life classes that he’ll later should put to the take a look at. He then witnesses a bunch of bandits besiege his village, destroying all the things in its path. After a collection of occasions, Hiroki will likely be entrusted to guard the village from him.

The title is a tribute to Akira Kurosawa’s traditional movies, reminiscent of his iconic The seven samurai. Trek to Yomi doesn’t disguise its influences with digicam photographs of silhouettes, gentle and shadow play, the aforementioned black and white type and sword duels. Also, do not let its indie standing idiot you, the sport has very excessive manufacturing charges.


Trek to Yomi Review

Now we enter the gameplay part, which regardless of being a sport targeted on historical past, has an entertaining and really technical fight system. First of all, the sport is a 2.5D facet scroller, nonetheless it does have some free transferring sections in all instructions. But let’s go in components.

The sport has a base for easy exploration, generally we are going to attain components of the stage the place we will go in any route. This is to search out hidden paths the place collectibles and character upgrades await. Alternate paths should not all the time so apparent, so we have to be very cautious once we are making a tour.

Trek to Yomi Review

Exploring provides its rewards within the type of artifacts from the period during which the sport is ready. These function collectibles and have a quick description from the protagonist himself and what he thinks up to now. Also, we are going to discover enhancements which might be normally extra hidden than collectibles.

Another vital level is about avoiding huge confrontations. Sometimes we will encompass a bunch of enemies and activate an environmental entice reminiscent of suspended logs, bridges in poor situation. The level is to make use of intelligence to keep away from having to dispatch a bunch of attackers.

the blade of the sword

Trek to Yomi Review

What would a samurai sport be with out fight? In Trek to Yomi, there are and plenty of. However, this isn’t your typical wild combating motion sport, this one has a extra technical battle system. Attacks are carried out in a rhythmic vogue and never by hitting the assault buttons like loopy. Enemies await the suitable second to assault and benefit from gaps.

The character has two bars, one for well being by sections that characterize one level every, and one other bar for resistance. The well being bar clearly goes down with each assault, and the stamina bar with each motion, like dodging, attacking, and blocking. If the resistance bar runs out we are going to enter a state of tiredness, during which our blows are sluggish and we will be unable to dam. If you strike a blow on this state, the bar is recovered, or if we don’t need to danger it, transfer away till it’s full. In every fight we must remember if we don’t need to have a nasty time.

Trek to Yomi Review

Another element is the conclusion of combos, as I already stated to carry out them you need to contact the buttons rhythmically. These will likely be unlocked as we progress and acquire in complexity and crowd pleasing. It is an intuitive system, with quick hits and a slower one to interrupt defenses. By blocking assaults, along with avoiding harm, doing it on the proper time will enable us to make a counterattack. Also by leaving the enemies shocked, we will do a Finishing or Final Attack, very a lot within the type of films of this style.

Skills are divided into Offensive Skills, Defensive Skills and Other Skills. Offensive refers to assaults, and that is the place we will carry out the realized combos. Defensive refers to avoiding assaults, both by blocking, doing parries or counterattacking. And different expertise refers back to the complementary ones like the usage of Bo-Shurikens and bow. Despite all that, the gameplay lacks some depth since all the things is easy.

As I stated, the fight system is entertaining, nonetheless, we are going to virtually all the time be performing the identical maneuvers as a result of most enemies are eradicated with two or three hits, at most. Although there are enemies with armor, and these require extra assaults. The sport invitations you to be affected person, particularly in clashes with degree bosses.

Kurosawa in all its splendor

Trek to Yomi Review

Akira Kurosawa has been talked about for being one of many administrators who marked a mode in his works. The sport, just like the director’s movies, is in black and white and presents completely different photographs. In common, far photographs to focus on the settings, an vital a part of Trek to Yomi on an aesthetic degree. We may also see punctual close-ups and a superb play of sunshine and shadow. Another element is the silhouette photographs, during which we see Hiroki going through enemies behind illuminated screens, and when he finishes them off, the splash of blood is sort of a poem.

The sport runs at a steady 60fps with none hiccups, however this is because of its indie sport nature. However, generally the black and white type is used to cowl sure flaws reminiscent of transferring objects with others. Stacking of lifeless enemies and use of unusual Ragdoll. Also, by putting a number of emphasis on the showiness of the planes, they neglect the sensible half, since there will likely be very darkish sections that stop us from realizing our place with respect to that of the enemies.

Musically, there’s nothing to object to. It has instrumental songs with an oriental reduce, very hand in hand with the visible type. Even the sport is dubbed into Japanese with out the choice to alter to a different language, though with texts in Spanish. Nor is it that one other dubbing is required for what the sport needs to replicate.


Without worry of being incorrect, Trek to Yomi is one other sturdy candidate for indie of the yr. It is a title with an interesting visible aesthetic and a enjoyable fight system. Although his story just isn’t essentially the most authentic, a minimum of it stays fascinating. Sometimes they focus a lot on their film setting that they neglect in regards to the playable half, and this may work in opposition to them. It is complemented by a sound part very typical of the movies of the style. A really helpful sport.

Note: This evaluation was carried out on the PS5 model and the code was supplied because of Devolver Digital.

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