Two years of Apex Legends content leaked

The content material of the folder, which was revealed on portals akin to Reddit, contains 9 legends, a brand new map and weapons, and way more, with movies, textual content recordsdata, and correct descriptions of the characters and their talents.

The new map remains to be in improvement, however the working title is “Split Moon” to present you an thought of ​​what to anticipate.

The description of the legends says:

  • Conduct (help) “Empathic Shield”, talents: Capacitance (passive): recharges personal defend, recharges quicker if allies are close by; Electric Arc (Tactical): Heals the allied defend by your personal; Alternating Current (ult): Arc cluster bomb, damages enemy defend, heals Conduct’s shields.
  • Scryer (recon) “Haunting Stalker” Abilities: Spectator (Passive) – Automatic optic obsession and behold his killer, Optic-Haun (Tactical) – Parasitic lure that reveals the goal’s imaginative and prescient, Shadow Wall (ult) – Wall of darkness, blocks the road of sight and blinds
  • Gauge (help) “Apex Arms Dealer” Abilities: Weapon Sling (Passive) – Can carry a 3rd weapon, accessed by stock or “H”; Suppressor Turret (Tactical): Makeshift turret base in your lively weapon; Autoloader (ult) – Deploys an ammo crate that feeds ammo immediately into close by participant’s weapons.
  • Jester (no icon) “Tricky Trapper” Abilities: Rewire (Passive) – Can flip any node right into a proximity mine and spawns a shard; Specter drop (tactical) – drop pod with 3 specters in guard stance, Cloak discipline (ult) – quick life discipline that cloaks gamers inside, cloaking wears off in 6 seconds after leaving the realm.
  • Phantom (help) “Agile Assassin”, abilities: Double Jump (Passive) – double bounce; Hook shot (tactical) – hook to the wall and grasp for some time; Brasil Void (ult) grenade – grenade that sends the goal to the Brasil Void for a brief time period
  • Vantage (recognition) “Survivor Sniper”, Abilities: Sniper Kit (Passive) – Tactical data zoom unarmed or in lengthy vary scopes; Echo Throw (Tactical) – This is mainly Crypto’s drone, however you possibly can command it to maneuver by tapping Q; Mark to kill (ult) – customized rifle with a scanner and injury increase for a squad, doubled injury for Vantage on profitable hits, workforce will get a 15% injury increase on marked targets.
  • Uplink (protection) “Satellite Survivor”, Skills: Network Communion (Passive) – “Gain 25% of recovery effects used in signal range”; Shield Satellite (Tactical) – Unleash a satellite tv for pc that follows allies and regenerates their shields and revives (rattling, sounds basting); Immortality Relay Beacon (ult) – Deploy a satellite tv for pc beacon that forestalls allies from being knocked down in its vary.
  • New Castle (defender) “Mobile Defender”, Fortified, Abilities: Recover the Wounded (Passive) – You can carry your teammates, actually drag downed teammates whereas reviving them and shield them with a revive defend; Moving Shield (Tactical) – Launches a controllable drone that creates a shifting power defend; Castle Wall (ult): “Jump up and hit an ally or target area and create a fortified fortress.”
  • Catalyst (protection) “Creative Builder” abilities: Reinforce (Passive): Increases HP on peaceable buildings (like Newcastle’s final or Rampart’s Deck A), doorways, and even your personal close by, Ferro Shot (Tactical): Creates hits as soon as hardened ferrofluid ramp (jogs my memory of the final sentence, that they had one thing like this IIRC), iron tower (ult) – ferrofluid column under you

According to the leak Newcastle could be the primary legend to reach within the sport and the brand new map is way from completed, though some areas are extra full than others — the map would come with a monorail system.

This will not be the primary time that Respawn Entertainment has suffered a leak of this kind: a picture of King’s Canyon had been revealed in 2018, and the revelation of Crypto had additionally been superior on the networks.

Electronic Arts had no remark, however the recordsdata have been faraway from obtain websites.

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