We live in “times of cheats”, which corrode the democratic framework in Mexico: Córdova

Lorenzo Cordovapresident councilor of the National Electoral Institute (INE), asserted that Mexico lives “cheat instances” What do they seek break the law and that corrode the framework of democratic what has constructed the country in many years.

In interview with Joaquin Lopez-Doriga for your space Radius Formula, Cordova Vianello made it clear that “persons are fed up with cheaters” and that if they continue to cheat in the face of Revocation of Mandatethe only thing it will cause is that they keep citizens away from the polls.

That’s what I mean when it’s cheat times. Who is a cheater? It is one who does not respect the rules, who seeks to bend the rules in his favor. A cheater is one who uses deceased people to promote an exercise,” he stated.

“In Mexico there is no longer electoral fraud thanks to the electoral system that we have been building and the electoral authorities that prevent it. the dead no longer vote in Mexico, there are those who commit fraud, and those who engage in fraudulent conduct, yes, and there are those who make the dead sign citizen participation exercises,” he said.

One thing is electoral fraud, which no longer exists, and another thing is fraudulent behavior, which in times of cheating tends to surface, so hopefully there will be a democratic commitment and they respect the rules that they set,” he argued.

Who are the cheaters?

Cordova Vianello He identified that cheaters are “all those public actors who have prohibitions in the law and are violating the law, they are all those who put rules, today they don’t like them and they mock them; they are all those that do not have a democratic commitment, to which precautionary measures have been issued, one after another and ratified by the Electoral Tribunal.

(The cheaters) are all those who corrode the democratic fabric and alienate citizens from the participation mechanisms and there are many and you realize them, we are seeing them (…) The cheaters are all those who violate the rules of the game that they themselves put in the Constitution and the law,” he mentioned.

He made it clear that the cheaters who break democratic agreements and “file criminal complaints, cheaters are those who abuse their power.”

Lorenzo Córdova highlighted that the INE has issued varied precautionary measures in opposition to varied political actors, the final of them in opposition to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who should not complying with the regulation

By the best way, it’s a regulation that the INE didn’t put in place, and on prime of every little thing they’re mendacity, and mendacity means dishonest, deciding that the INE is a censor, that “the rules that the INE put in place”, no sir, the principles put the Congress, in the event that they made a mistake when placing them, that’s paid in one other window”.

“Whoever says that the Revocation consultation is not being promoted is lying”

The INE official pressured that anybody who claims that the Institute is just not selling the recall referendum, which can happen subsequent Sunday, April 10, can be dishonest.

Whoever lies cheats, and whoever says that the INE is just not selling the Revocation of Mandate (…) many say so, is just not the one president of the Republic, but in addition the president of Morena (mario degado), the president of the Chamber of Deputies (Sergio Gutierrez), and it was additionally mentioned by the top of presidency (claudia sheinbaum),” he accused.

“I am not going to put a name, the citizenry knows perfectly well who are those subjects who violate the rules, and therefore cheating, and there are many”, he deepened.

The president of the INE mentioned that “all those who violate the law are cheaterseveryone, no matter what public office have”.

“Whoever violates the law is cheating, because they are trying to build false narratives by accusing the INE of issues that are the responsibility of Congress and the federal Executive, through the Secretariat of tax authoritiesbecause the citizens know that if only 57,516 boxes are going to be installed, it is because the INE was placed in those circumstances by not giving it the resources to put the 161,000 that we wanted to put in, “he considered.

The INE is promoting the Revocation, just stop listening to yourself and turn on the radio and television. Who says that it is not being promoted is lying, ”she rounded off.

With info from López-Dóriga Digital

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